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Housing and Transportation

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Housing in the Norman area is very reasonably priced.  For example, a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $500 to $1,000 per month, some with utilities included.  There are many houses for rent also.

For information about university housing, you can contact the University Housing and Food Services web site through the link listed below.  They offer several complexes and prices to select from.  We recommend that graduate students live in an apartment rather than in a dormitory as dormitories are usually closed for the Christmas and New Year holiday period in December and part of the summer. 

There are also numerous apartment complexes in Norman, with several new ones built recently.  Several are within walking distance of campus.  There are also houses for rent in Norman, some within walking distance.  Many of these are not listed online but have “for rent” signs in their yards.  Most are not furnished.  The following are a few links to aid you in your search for housing sites in Norman.  None of these links are endorsed and are listed only for convenience.  

Or search “Apartments in Norman, Oklahoma” or “Houses for Rent in Norman, Oklahoma”.



The CART (Cleveland Area Rapid Transit, named for Cleveland county where Norman is located) has several routes in Norman and the area.  Three routes serve the OU campus.  Several apartment complexes are on the CART routes or have a route nearby.  Route maps are available on the CART web site at