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Departmental Scholarship Program

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Departmental Scholarship Program (Program of Excellence)

Program of Excellence Scholarships in the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering are awarded on the basis of academic merit to University of Oklahoma chemical engineering students.

These scholarships provide $3,000 per year for up to four years. 

Scholarships are available to both domestic and international students. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.

Applications are due February 1 each year for consideration for the following semester.

Funding for awards in the Program of Excellence is made possible by donors to both the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering and the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering.

Approximately half of the awards are made possible by endowments established by alumni and friends of the University, and the other half is provided by generous annual contributions by corporations and alumni.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to provide merit scholarships to deserving students through the Program of Excellence. There are many more deserving students in chemical engineering than CBME can support on the scholarship program. Thus, it would be unfair to our students not on the program to continue to fund students who are not meeting minimum grade point requirements for the program or who are avoiding the difficult courses essential to their eventual graduation. It is necessary, therefore, to establish some rules for maintaining good standing in the Program of Excellence.

1.      A student awarded a Program of Excellence Scholarship must have a major in chemical engineering and taking coursework appropriate to normal progress through the chemical engineering curriculum.

2.      Eligibility requires completing the on-line scholarship application each year through CASH between Oct. 1 & Feb 1. A student may receive up to 4 years of scholarship support if meeting the criteria continues.

3.      A student who transfers to another major will be dropped from the POE scholarship program.

4.      Students receiving POE scholarship support must maintain the donors required GPA and stay enrolled as a full-time student in chemical engineering each semester.  NOTE:  Students who are in their last semester prior to graduation will be allowed an exception to the 12 hour full-time requirement.

5.      A student whose overall GPA falls below the required donor GPA will be placed on probation.  During the probation semester the student will continue to receive scholarship support as long as all other POE conditions are met.

6.      If a student fails to achieve the required donor GPA after the probation semester, they will be dropped from the POE scholarship program.

7.      A student will be removed from probation if the overall GPA meets the required donor GPA after the probation semester.

8.      Students on the POE scholarship program will not be eligible for scholarship support during semesters away for an engineering CO-OP.

9.      Students receiving POE are eligible for scholarship support while away on an OU sanctioned study abroad program working toward a chemical engineering degree.

10.  National Merit students will not be considered for the POE scholarship program.

11.  Students receiving POE scholarship support must attend the Sooner on Scholarships Workshop each September where you will submit a thank you letter to the donor funding your scholarship.  Students away on a CO-OP or Study Abroad must send their thank you letter via email.

12.  $1,500.00 will be disbursed to your bursar account during the 4th week of the fall and spring semester if all criteria has been met.

Questions about the Program of Excellence may be addressed to: Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Madena McGinnis 325-4393. To apply for the Program of Excellence and University Scholarships apply here.