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Research Scholarships

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Phillips 66 Undergraduate Research Program Opportunities

Additional scholarship support is available to qualified juniors and seniors through a companion program of Phillips 66 Undergraduate Research Scholarships Program.

Program Objectives

1) Motivate research involvement by CBME undergraduate students.

2) Promote presentation of outstanding research in the AIChE Mid-America Student Conference student paper competition.   
Program Incentives

1) Phillips 66 Research Scholarship participants will receive a stipend of $750 per semester. This stipend check will be issued at the end of each semester contingent upon the research advisor’s approval of the report summary described below.

2) Any CBME student who places first in the AIChE Mid-America Student Conference student paper competition, which is held annually in March or April and rotates among Mid-American university venues, will receive the Al Clark Undergraduate Research Prize of $1,000. Second and third place winners will receive Al Clark Undergraduate Research prizes of $500 and $250. As your professors recognize that the Phillips 66 Research Scholarship is not always an ideal fit for students who are carrying out high quality research, the student paper competition cash prizes are being offered to all CBME undergraduates, regardless of Phillips 66 Research participation.

Program Eligibility

1) Student Researchers must be seniors, juniors, or second semester sophomores in the chemical engineering curriculum for the semester during which the scholarship will be in effect.

2) Researchers must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

3) Students may receive the scholarship for a maximum of three semesters (not necessarily sequential).

Research Definition & Progress Documents

To enhance the student’s research experience and promote attainment of research achievements that enable high quality presentations in the Mid-America Student Conference paper competition, researchers will be expected to complete the following

1) Initial Research Action Blueprint:  Due along with the completed scholarship application form.

A) Researcher course grid with between 10 and 20 hours/week that can be dedicated to research. It is not expected for students to be investing 15 hours every week, but schedule flexibility is important; a set 10-15 hour allocation is likely to encounter conflicts from time to time. 

B) One or two paragraphs describing how progress will be reported to the faculty research advisor.

2)  For all second or third-semester participants:  The student is required to present results at the AIChE Mid America Regional Student Paper contest held each spring or at some alternative forum approved by your research adviser

3) Summary Report:  Due on Friday of the final week of classes.
A short paper or abstract (no more than 3 pages) that describes what was done during the semester.  Any future plans should be included as well.

Questions about the Phillips 66 Undergraduate Research Program Opportunities may be addressed to:

Madena McGinnis