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Scholarships Make a Difference

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"I am very grateful for this money to help me pave my way through college.  Due to the economic downturn, every possible scholarship is a blessing for us.  People like yourselves enable many students to have  a greater opportunities in life than they would otherwise receive.  You give an incredible gift to all of us."


"Every time I see a class mate struggling to balance coursework with a part time job, I feel grateful that I am a scholarship recipient.  This scholarship allows chemical engineering students to focus on  and excel in both their studies and extracurricular activities."


"Unfortunately the path that I have chosen is very expensive, and while the value of my education is unquestionable, I still need money to help me get through this degree plan.  Without generous people such as you I would never be able to afford my college education.  Once again, I would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity in making this scholarship possible."


"Your contribution will help to free my financial stress by lessening the expenses of my college education.  You have allowed me more time for concentrating on my studies, to be more involved on campus, and to focus on attaining a job for after graduation."


"I would like to express my gratitude for all your help in making my college experience more productive and fulfilling by allowing me more time to commit to so many great organizations on campus while refining my studies."  ... "It takes a large amount of time to bring these projects to fruition, but your generosity has allowed me to focus more attention on such meaningful work and less on my financial burdens."  ... "Thank you again for all your kindness and for sponsoring me not just once, but twice during my college career."


"I would like to thank you again for your generosity in making this scholarship possible.  I am learning so much through my academic pursuits and want you to know that this scholarship is a fundamental piece of my success."


"With your generous donation I will be able to spend more time on my classes and less time working. ... Your investment into my education will not be squandered, and I hope to repay your generous donation by finding an alternative option to petroleum."


"Your contribution will aid me, not only in lessing the financial burden on myself, but also the financial burden on my parents especially with my sister starting Medical school this year.  Also, it allows me to concentrate on my cirriculum and gives me the time to put forth my energy in various campus activities."


"Your contribution will help to lessen the expenses of my college education and allow me more time for excelling in my studies and maintaining a balanced college experience by having time to get more involved in the organizations that I want to join."


"I want to personally thank you for awarding me this scholarship.  Not having to worry about how I will pay for school takes a tremendous amount of weight off my shoulders."