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Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering News & Events

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Fall 2021 Seminars

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug 17No Seminar - First Day of Classes-
Aug 24Welcome for Graduate Students Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 31No Seminar-
Sept 7OU Lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 14Controlled Micro- and Nanostructure through PhotopolymerizationAllan Guymon
Univ of Iowa
Sept 21Multi-technique characterization approach to elucidate the nature of silver on Ag-exchanged zeolites as a catalysts for the NH3-SCO reactionJoaquin Martinez Ortigosa
Sept 28
Continuous Nature Factory and Characterization of One-dimensional (1D) Silver and Palladium NanostructuresShohreh Hemmati
Oklahoma State University
Oct 5Diffusion and Dynamics of Nanostructured MembranesDaniel Hallinan
Oct 12Porous Organic Polymer Nanotraps for Metal Source Recovery/Extraction from WaterShengqian Ma
Univ of North Texas
Oct 19No Seminar - Fall Break-
Oct 26Biohybrid Solar Energy Conversion Using Plant Nanoscale ComponentsKane Jennings
Vanderbilt University
Nov 2
Harry Fair
Rescheduled to April 26, 2002Bill Koros
Georgia Tech
Nov 9No Seminar - AIChE Conference-
Nov 16No Seminar - AIChE Conference-
Nov 23No Seminar - Thanksgiving Break-
Nov 30No Seminar-
Dec 7No Seminar - Dead Week-
Dec 14No Seminar - Finals Week-
Dec 21PACIFICHEM Conference 

Spring 2022 Seminar

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan 18No Seminar - First Week of Classes-
Jan 25No Seminar-
Feb 1Engineering Proteins for the Biomanufacturing of Light Harvesting Materials”Dr. Leah Spangler
Faculty Candidate
Feb 8No Seminar-
Feb 10Electrochemical Technologies and Related Catalyst Research
for Developing a Hydrogen Economy
Dr. Zhenmeng Peng
Faculty Candidate
Feb 15High-throughput and Multiscale Microfluidic Bioseparationfor Medical Diagnostics and Neuroscience Dr. Gongchen Sun
Faculty Candidate
Feb 17Integrating Hydrogen and Carbon Economies through the Molecular Design of Hybrid Functional Materials with Innovative Energy CarriersDr. Hunter Vibbert
Faculty Candidate
Feb 22Skin’s Dark Secrets: Investigating Human Pigmentation in Health and Disease for Engineering Novel Diagnostics and TherapeuticsDr. Vivek Bajpai
Faculty Candidate
Feb 24Water: promoter or inhibitor of activity?Dr. Gengnan Li
Faculty Candidate
Mar 1Designing Computational Tools and High-Throughput
Experimental Strategies for Purifying Biotherapeutics
Dr. Nicholas Vecchiarello
Faculty Candidate
Mar 3Computational Design and Discovery of Catalytic
Materials for Sustainable Energy Applications
Dr. Kasun Gunasooriya
Faculty Candidate
Mar 8Perspectives on Industrial InnovationDr. Raj Krishnaswamy
CJ White Bio
Mar 15No Seminar - Spring Break-
Mar 22

No Seminar - 
Spring ACS Meeting

Mar 29Thermochemical Conversion of Waste BiomassDr. Susan Williams
Kansas University
CBME Graduate Student Organization
Apr 12Unexpected Dynamics of Ring Polymers Revealed by Single Molecule Techniques and Bulk RheologyDr. Luyi Sun
University of Connecticut
Apr 19Harry Fair Lecture: Membranes as Change Agents in Upstream and Downstream Natural Gas ProcessingDr. Bill Koros
Georgia Tech
May 3No Seminar - Dead Week-
May 10No Seminar - Finals Week-