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Pamela Tucker

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Pamela Tucker

Pamela Tucker

OkChE Advisory Board Member

Vice President, Utility Composites, Inc.


Pam Tucker is Vice President of Utility Composites, Inc, general partner of Utility Composites International Ltd. She has held this position for 11 years and is in charge of business and manufacturing operations. Utility Composites Inc. is a company which she co-founded in 1993. Prior to that Pam worked as a product development engineer for 3M company for 6 years. She also served for 6 years as a part-time lecturer for the Department of Chemical Engineering at UT and an adjunct professor for Park College for two years. She grew up in Kansas and attended McPherson college for liberal arts training before transferring to the University of Oklahoma. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from OU and her masters and doctorate in chemical engineering (polymeric materials) from the University of Texas. She has served on the national Younger Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society for several years (when she was “younger”), and as an officer for the 3M Technical Forum, and, currently, as a board member of OKChE.

Pam lives in Austin, Texas, is single and has two children, Savanna (8 years) and Harrison (5 year). She is currently Financial secretary of the Board of Trustees for the Congregational Church of Austin and treasurer for the Hope United church in Georgetown.