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Ngoc Bui

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Ngoc T. Bui


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2014)
University of Connecticut
M.S. Textile Engineering (2007)
Chonnam National University, Korea
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Minor in Organic Chemistry
HoChiMinh City University of Technology, Vietnam


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Berkeley, CA, 12/2017 to 12/2019
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Livermore, CA 11/2013 to 05/2017.

(405) 325-4037
Sarkeys Energy Center,
Room T-313

Research Group

The Bui Lab tackles grand challenges facing humanity at the water-energy-environment nexus. At the interface of physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering, we mechanistically study the fundamental physicochemical properties of organic-inorganic hybrid (nano)materials and the transport behaviors of molecules across these multicomponent interfaces. We then develop pragmatic applications of these new materials in water reuse, renewable energy, and environmental remediation. With scientific and engineering principles, we also work toward innovating new technologies for sustainable separations with systems-level assessments, eventually helping transform the future water, energy, and environment landscapes.

The current stage of our research includes the rational design of advanced membranes and adsorbents from nanoscale building blocks and soft/hard materials, energy-efficient desalination systems for the treatment of wastewater from oil and gas industry, and methods for the conversion of pollutants and waste to valuable commodities. With in-house efforts and through collaborations, we will couple theoretical studies with materials synthesis, (in-situ) characterization, membrane/electrode/adsorbent testing techniques, and integrated processes in our research. For more information, please visit our group webpage.

Selected Publications

Google Scholar


  1. McCutcheon, J.R., Hoek, E.M.V., Bui, N.N., Lind, M.L., Nano-structured Membranes for Engineered Osmosis Applications, International Publication Number WO 2011/060202 A1.
  2. Kim C., Balathanigaimani M.S., Bui, N.N., Moon, H., Yang, K.S., Lee, J.W., Activated carbon with ultra-high specific surface area from corn and Production method thereof, KO 10-2008-0085605.
  3. With LLNL, Nanoporous membranes for fast diffusion of […] and small molecules (pending)
  4. With LBNL and UC Berkeley, Multifunctional Separations using […] Membranes (pending)

Book Chapters

  1. McCutcheon, J.R., Bui, N.N., Chapter 7: Forward Osmosis, in “Desalination: Water from Water”. Ed. Jane Kucera, Wiley, 2014.
  2. McCutcheon, J.R., Xia, L., Bui, N.N., Chapter 5: Forward Osmosis, in “Desalination 2nd Edition”. Ed. Jane Kucera, Scrivener Publishing LLC, 2019.

Journal Articles

  1. Bui N.T., Kang H.M., Teat S.J., Su G.M., Pao C.W., Liu Y.S., Zaia E., Guo J., Chen J.L., Meihaus K.R., Dun C., Mattox T.M., Long J.R., Fiske P., Kostecki R., Urban J.J., A Nature-Inspired Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Complex for Selective Copper Ion Removal from Water, Nature Communications, 11, 2020, 3947.
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  7. Bui N.N., Arena J., McCutcheon J.R., Proper Accounting of Mass Transfer Resistances in Forward Osmosis: Improving the Accuracy of Model Predictions of Structural Parameter, Journal of Membrane Science, 492, 2015, 289-302.
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