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Current Students

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Current Students

Ali, Syed Ashik
EL153ZamanRheological Properties of Polymer and Rap Modified Asphalt Binders Using Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery Method
M.S.Fall 2016
Allred, ShawnCEC S23CeratoDesign and Performance of Full-Scale Helical Piles Acting in a Group under Seismic Conditions
M.S.Spring 2017
Collins, Rodney
CEC B16MillerIn Situ Testing and its Application to Foundation Analysis for Fine-Grained Unsaturated Soils
Ph.D.Fall 2016
Hassanikhah, ArashCEC B17
MillerImpact of Moisture Changes in Unsaturated Soil Engineering Applications
Ph. D.Fall 2016
Hossain, NurEL152
ZamanMechanistic Input Parameters and Model Calibration for Design and Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavements in Oklahoma
Ph. D.Fall 2017
McDaniel, CharlesN/ACeratoCourse-work onlyM.S.Fall 2017
Nazari, MoeenCEC329ZamanLaboratory and Field Assessment of Chemically-Stabilized Subgrade Moduli under Compressive and Flexural Loading
Ph. D.  Fall 2016
Pena, LuisCEC B18HatamiPerformance Monitoring and Analysis of Prototype GRS-IBS Bridges
M.S.  Spring 2017
Quiroga, Allison
CEC B1MuraleeConstitutive Modeling of Cement-Improved Clays Under Cyclic Loading
Ph.D.Spring 2018

Rani, Shivani


EL 155ZamanCharacterization of Rutting in Asphalt Pavements through Laboratory Testing and Finite Element Modeling
Ph. D.Spring 2019
Salimi, Kwestan
CEC B1CeratoPredicting and Reducing Soil Pressures on Basement Walls through non-Swelling Material Buffers using Finite Element Modeling
Ph.D.Spring 2019
Shahbazi, MaryamCEC B1
CeratoFinite Element Modeling of Single and Group Helical Piles in Dense Sand under Seismic Conditions
Ph. D.Spring 2019
Vargas, TatianaCEC B1
CeratoUnderstanding Single Helical Pile Behavior under Seismic Conditions
M.S.Spring 2017
Zhang, BoCEC B30
MuraleeImplementation and Validation of a Hydro-mechanical Elastoplastic Constitutive Model for Fully Coupled Analysis of Unsaturated Soils
Ph. D.Spring 2017