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Tentative Semester Teaching Schedule

Course #Spring '17Fall '17Spring '18
CEES 2113 Statics and Dynamics
CEES 2153 Mechanics of MaterialsHatami  
CEES 3253 Intro to Dynamics for Architectural and Civil Engineers
CEES 3363 Soil Mechanics (Lecture)
CEES 3361 Soil Mechanics (Lab)
 Bounds (Adjunct) 
CEES 4333G Foundation Engineering
Quiroga (Adjunct) Muralee
Course #Spring '17Fall '17Spring '18
CEES 5020.5 Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials*
CEES 5020.028 Geotechnical Forensic Investigations*
CEES 5303 Asphalt Pavement and Mix Design*   
CEES 5313 Engineering Geology*   
CEES 5323 Geosynthetics*   
CEES 5343 Advanced Soil Mechanics*  Cerato
CEES 5383 Earthquake Engineering*
CEES 5353 Introduction to Soil Dynamics*
CEES 5393 RCCE: Analysis and Design of Reinforced Soil Structures*  Hatami
CEES 5404 Soil Stabilization*
CEES 5413 Soil Structure Interaction*
CEES 5423 Environmental Geotechnology*
CEES 5433 In-Situ Soil Testing*
CEES 5443 Unsaturated Soil Mechanics*
CEES 5693 Structural Design of Pavement*
CEES 6663 Advanced Finite Element Methods

*Course available to undergraduate students with satisfactory pre-requisites.
May be double-counted toward B.S. and accelerated M.S. degree (up to 13 carry-over credits).