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CREW in the News

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Latest CREW News

InsideOU February 26, 2020 "CREW Celebrates 10 Years of Environmental Research with GRDA"

Houston Chronicle November 25, 2019 "Could northwest Houston superfund be affected by flooding"

Joplin Globe September 01, 2019 "Tar Creek Environmental Conference in Offing"

KGOU National Public Radio April 10, 2019 "Norman Voters Reject Stoirmwater Improvements"

Shawnee News-Star March 22, 2019 "EPA Says Mushroom Compost Removes Pollutants from Tar Creek Site"

Tulsa World March 21, 2019 "Secret Weapon to Get Heavy Metals from Tar Creek : Comnpost Helps Treat Contaminated Water for Past Decade"

OU Daily October 22, 2018 "Norman Committee to Present Stormwater Funding Proposal at City Council Meeting"

Norman Transcript May 5, 2018 "Reuse Debate on Hold"

Norman Transcript May 4, 2018 "Dr. Robert Nairn Speaks on Water Reuse"

Joplin Globe September 17, 2017 "Progress Made in Cleaning Up Tar Creek Superfund Site, but Work Remains"

Science Daily May 24, 2017 "Metals from Bolivian mines affect crops and pose potential health risk, study suggests"

OU Forum April 24, 2017 "Professor's Perspective with Robert Nairn"

Norman Transcript January 28, 2017 "Collaborative Bishop Creek Restoration Brings Community Partners Together"

OU Daily February 24, 2017 "OU Engineering Professor Receives Award for Work in Land, Water Restoration"

Norman Transcript February 23, 2017 "Superfund Cleanup Lands OU Professor National Accolade"

Norman Transcript February 20, 2017 "OU Professor Honored for Work Rehabilitating Contaminated Water"

Miami News-Record November 6, 2016 "Excavation completed at Commerce Passive Treatment System"

Miami News-Record September 19, 2016 "Commerce Passive Treatment System proves successful"

Bay Journal November 23, 2015 "Grass really is ‘greener’ on other side of street in community experiment"

KTUL November 16, 2015 "New life to Tar Creek"

OU Nightly October 19, 2015 "OU researchers working to clean up Commerce’s contaminated water"

National Public Radio State Impact Oklahoma October 1, 2015 "Challenges and Progress Cleaning Up One of Oklahoma's Most Polluted Places"

KOTV May 19, 2015 "Scientists Finding Ways to Clean Up Contaminated Tar Creek Ground Water"


CREW research was recently featured online in the following outlets:

Science is OK (video): "Cleanup at Tar Creek"

Science is OK (video): "This Scientist is OK - Dr. Robert Nairn"

Science News "Floating Towards Water Treatment"

Txchnologist "Treatment System Harnesses Nature to Clean Toxic Wastewater"

Living Green Magazine "Treatment System Harnesses Nature to Clean Toxic Wastewater"

Science Daily "Ecological engineering solves unsafe water problems in Bolivia"

Newswise "Ecological Engineering Solves Unsafe Water Problems in Bolivia"

CREW research has also been featured in several print and televison stories. Selected news articles include:

Tulsa World September 27, 2011 "Tar Creek Superfund Site Requires Much More Cleanup, Money"

Miami News-Record August 12, 2011 "OU research project once in a lifetime opportunity"

Miami News-Record March 9, 2011 "OU researcher works to restore Tar Creek's water"

The Joplin Globe January 10, 2010 "Filmmakers find stories in Picher"

Miami News-Record October 9, 2009 "Officials meet for tour of passive treatment system"

Tulsa World October 9, 2009 "New system cleans part of Tar Creek"

The Oklahoman October 8, 2009 "$1.2M system attacks Tar Creek's water contaminants"

The Joplin Globe October 7, 2009 "Educator: Test on Tar Creek successful"

CREW student at an artesian-flowing mine drainage discharge.  These waters contain elevated trace metals (e.g., Fe, Zn, Pb, Cd, As and others).