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Undergraduate Advising

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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Undergraduate advising for the B.S. in Computer Science should commence with contacting the Williams Student Services Center/WSSC;the Undergraduate Advisors for Computer Science majors (B.S.) are Kourtney Cortez ( for last names beginning with A-F, and Yura Jung ( for last names beginning with G-Z.  The minors for Computer Science and Computational Technology also are advised by these individuals.  

*If an Accelerated B.S./M.S. degree in Computer Science is pursued, the B.S. portion and shared coursework for the B.S./M.S. pursuit will be advised by the WSSC (in consultation with the Academic Program Coordinator in the School of Computer Science), while the M.S. portion will be advised by the faculty indicated on the graduate advising tab (

Undergraduate Faculty Advisors/Undergraduate Advising Committee

Please consult your undergraduate advisor in the Williams Student Service Center/WSSC ( for all advising questions regarding the undergraduate program.  Should they need to involve one of the CS faculty members listed above, they will help to manage that effort.