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Doctorate Program

Specific requirements for the PhD degree are set by the student's doctoral committee in conformance with the current rules of the Graduate College. Every doctoral student is required to take a general examination in his/her major field of study.

Carson Fountain

The general examination consists of written and oral parts. It is intended to test the student’s mastery of a number of related fields as well as the student’s capacity for synthesis, sound generalization and critical ability. In addition to the general exam, the doctoral degree requires at least 90 post-baccalaureate hours, and culminates with the submission and successful defense of original dissertation research.

Specific questions concerning the program or admission requirements may be addressed to Graduate Liaison, School of Computer Science, 110 West Boyd Street, Room 150, Norman, OK 73019. Inquiries concerning graduate applications should be directed to the office of Computer Science at,  405-325-4042 or request more information here.

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