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Dr. Mansoor Abdulhak

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Mansoor Abdulhak

Mansoor Abdulhak
Office:  DEH 234


  • PhD, Artificial Intelligence, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia
  • MS, Real-Time Software Engineering Center for Advanced Software Engineering, 
    (CASE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • BS, Computer Application, Osmania University, India


  • Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
  • Consultation Services, University Prince Mugrin, Saudi Arabia
  • Assistant Professor, Uskudar University, Türkiye
  • Assistant Professor, University Prince Mugrin, Saudi Arabia
  • Senior Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
  • Senior Software Engineer, HeiTech Padu Berhad, CREDEN, and FreeSoft Tech Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Lecturer, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia


Software engineering, requirement engineering, ontologies,  semantic web,  information recommendation and e-learning


  • Software Requirements Engineering
  • Analysis & Design of User Interfaces
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Design workshop


Mansoor Abddulhak is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a strong academic background. He is a specialist in the area of software engineering and a certified project manager, as well as a fellow with the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM). He has been in the industry for over 15 years.

Throughout the course of his profession, Mansoor has served various organizations and held different positions, starting off his career in 1997 as an English and Mathematics teacher in his home country of Yemen. As an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma, Mansoor brings a unique blend of expertise in the software area and a passion for driving innovation and transformative change.


  • Member: IEEE, ACM, Software Testing Club
  • Program committee member and reviewer for professional society conferences

Google Scholar


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