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Dr. Chongle Pan

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Chongle Pan of the School of Computer Science

Chongle Pan

Phone:  (405) 325-2972 | Office:  DEH 231

PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
BS, East China Normal University

Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma
Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Research Scientist, Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, knowledge discovery, big -omics data, machine learning, knowledge graph, graph theory.

Dr. Chongle Pan is an associate professor in the School of Computer Science and the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology at the University of Oklahoma. Prior to joining OU, he worked as a senior research scientist in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Pan has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal publications and is the corresponding author on 14 publications. He has mentored 6 postdoctoral researchers, 3 of whom then became tenure-track assistant professors of computer science in the U.S. His research focuses on using artificial intelligence and machine learning for knowledge discovery in bioinformatics and developing new high-performance computing algorithms for scalable analytics of big -omics data.

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