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Joel Maupin

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Joel Maupin

Joel Maupin with snowboard on ski slope

Joel is from Mustang, OK and has enjoyed working with computers his whole life. He is an Oklahoma Regents Scholar and a member of the Integrity Council.  However, he didn’t take any programming class prior to joining OU, where he enrolled in Computer Science as a Minor. After a few CS classes it became clear to him that programming was what he enjoyed doing and he could see himself building a career in that field.

At the end of this year Joel will apply to the Dual Degree Program offered by the School of Computer Science, which will allow him to get a BS and MS in 5 years. Joel likes that CS is a constantly evolving discipline and that there is such a vast amount of information to discover in the field. He enjoys the fact that the CS students form a very close-knit community that exchanges ideas amongst them regularly. For him, although the faculty members are very helpful, the self-learning component of the subject and the discussions with fellow students are salient to success in the program.

Joel has already had the opportunity to use his skills outside the classroom and in the real world. Thanks to an initiative by the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth that pairs a business student with an engineering student, he has been working on an application to prevent concussions from going unnoticed and aids with the diagnosis; the targeted population is high school football players.

Outside of Computer Science Joel enjoys snowboarding and reading.