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Shiblee Sadik

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Shiblee Sadik

Shiblee Sidak of School of Computer Science

Shiblee joined the University of Oklahoma after completing his B.S. in Computer Science in his home country of Bangladesh. As a child, he received a programmable device as a gift that he enjoyed playing with.

In 2008, Shiblee was accepted to the OU School of Computer Science as Master’s student. Having always had an interest in data mining, he took advantage of the opportunity to work with Dr. Gruenwald, one of our valued faculty members whose research focuses on data mining. Now working towards his PhD, Shiblee is a research assistant for Dr. Gruenwald and is writing his dissertation on abnormality/intrusion detection for streaming data. As side projects he is involved in a data mining based missing data estimation project for NASA.

Shiblee enjoys the fact that CS is a relatively small department where everybody knows and is connected to each other. He likes the balance between updated classes and research. On a campus-wide scale Shiblee immediately felt a sense of connection. The Sooner spirit made him feel special – he felt that he belonged and was a Sooner.

After his PhD, Shiblee would like to do research involving algorithms for industries. Outside of CS, his main hobby is photography.