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Caleb Eggensperger

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Caleb Eggensperger

Caleb Eggensperger of School of Computer Science

Caleb left his native Arkansas after receiving a National Merit Scholarship to join OU School of Computer Science as an undergraduate student. As a kid, he was interested in his older brother’s video games. His dad was prompt to recognize Caleb’s curiosity and introduced him to a programmer that taught him Q Basic. Caleb continued to develop his knowledge in computer science prior to joining OU by taking AP courses in computer science and programming.

OU’s program for National Merit Scholars attracted Caleb to Norman, where he found himself quite impressed by the faculty members and the program. Moreover, he likes the casual, no pressure environment of the program. He decided to involve himself even more in the discipline by joining the computer programming team. During the five years he participated, the team won 1st place at the ACM South Central Division Competition in 2010 and 2nd place in the same competition in 2012. Caleb enjoys the CS program and is very pleased with the balance in the program between theory and practice. He was able to apply what he learned in the classroom through multiple internships with Google, Twitter, and IMO.IM.

While working on his master’s degree, Caleb is also a teaching assistant and a research assistant in the School of Computer Science. He loves helping students and sharing CS knowledge. He always seeks out internships and side projects in addition to his classes. His thesis addresses the development environment for ACL2 – Proof Pad and the teaching method. Upon graduating, he would like to work for Google as a programmer.

Outside of Computer Science, Caleb enjoys watching TV and going to art exhibitions.