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David Rice

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

David Rice

David Rice of School of Computer Science

David is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he took AP classes in computer programming at Jenks High School and at the Tulsa Technology Center. Although David cannot recall exactly what attracted him to Computer Science he remembers saving his money for two years in middle school to buy a computer. After he got his computer he started to teach himself QBasic, C, and C++.

With two brothers already on campus, the University of Oklahoma seemed to be the obvious choice for David. David’s academic achievements have allowed him to take part in the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program. During the 2012-2013 academic year he received the M.B. Lampl Scholarship in Computer Science and is currently in the Honors College. David finished his B.S. in Computer Science in Fall 2013 with an almost perfect GPA and will start the Accelerated Degree Program in Spring 2014, in which he will be able to gain an M.S. in Computer Science in only one additional year. He has already begun working on his thesis about evolutionary sound synthesis under the supervision of Dr. Trytten.

He praises the Computer Science program for providing a good base for education and creating opportunities for its students. He particularly enjoys student interactions and learning from peers; he feels that this is an important dimension of the educational experience. David is the President of the Game Development Association and enjoys organizing Game Jams, where students have 48 hours to produce a game. He is also a K20 student programmer. At K20 he develops games, backend services, web platforms, and applications. During his undergraduate degree he had the opportunity to participate in internships. At his internship with the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth he helped develop an educational platform to assist students in creating study groups. At his internship at Newspin 360 he worked on a 360 degree panoramic web app integration with Facebook. He also interned at NextThought, where he helped develop a web app that has now become Janux, a new interactive learning community created in partnership between The University of Oklahoma and NextThought.

After his M.S., David plans to either continue his education by pursuing a PhD so that he can continue research, something he really enjoys, or he would like to work for a local start-up and develop his own applications and ultimately build his own company.

Outside of Computer Science, David loves music and is an accomplished musician. He plays the piano, bass guitar, guitar, cello and records music.