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Maryam Nafari

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Maryam Nafari

Maryam Nafari of School of Computer Science

Maryam is from Iran where she obtained a B.S. in Math and M.S. in Industrial Engineering. She was recognized there as one of the most talented students of her university. Maryam is a recipient of the Computer Science graduate scholarship and CS fellowship. She is a research assistant for Dr. Weaver and works on translating user interaction with visualization to natural language; this work is also part of her dissertation. Maryam always knew she wanted to be an engineer of some sort. She transitioned from Industrial Engineering to Computer Science because she wanted to be able to develop and implement the research she was working on.

The University of Oklahoma appealed to Maryam because of the opportunity for a fellowship and Dr. Weaver’s research. She has enjoyed the people she has met while studying here and the campus community in general. Many aspects of the CS program, especially the methods employed by the professors, the conferences offered by the School of Computer Science, and the guidance of her professors and dissertation advisors have made Maryam’s experience in the CS program enjoyable. Maryam appreciates going to the many social events hosted by the CS community and discussing the different projects being worked on by CS students.

After graduating with her Ph.D., Maryam would like to become a professor and teach Visual Analytics. As a side project, she enjoys working on the reverse of her research: changing natural language into visualization.

Outside of the classroom, Maryam’s hobbies are playing tennis and painting. Her advice to prospective students: “Go for something you really like!”