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Mikael Perrin

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Mikael Perrin

Mikael Perrin

Mikael Perrin – MS in Computer Science.

Mikael is from Saint Marcel d’Urfé, a small French town of only 300 inhabitants. His mother being an accountant and his father a mechanic, he naturally grew up loving math and engineering. While he was in middle school, Mikael’s parents got a computer and he got very curious on how it works and how to fix it. By 16, he had taught himself how to program in C and became a Science major in high school. He discovered Computer Science while studying System Engineering in an Institut Universitaire Technologique (a mix between computer and robotics) and then specialized in Software Engineering and Computer Systems at ISIMA.

Mikael came to OU as part of a partnership program between OU and ISIMA where students can work on a degree from each university. He really enjoys being part of a huge campus. It is a very big change for him as the French ones tend to be quite small. He thinks it makes it easier to make connections, to meet people and develop a social life here. Mikael also likes the facilities and opportunities he has at OU, as they give you the means to succeed in your projects.

More specifically, Mikael got the opportunity to work with Dr. Gruenwald as a research assistant for Mobile-Cloud database systems and on his thesis entitled “Time-, Energy-, and Monetary Cost-Aware Cache Design for a Mobile-Cloud Database System.” This research aims at creating an algorithm to perform fast queries while respecting the constraint of energy and money. He is supposed to defend his thesis and graduate with his OU MS in Spring 15.

Mikael enjoys the large choice of CS classes offered to graduate students that cover a wide range of topics. His favorite class taken here was CS 5213 Software Engineering Processes. He enjoyed the freedom given on the class project that had to do with software development management architecture on an Android device platform.

After graduation, Mikael plans to go back to France and work on mobile development and software architecture. Outside of CS, his hobbies include traveling, watching movies, sports (Mikael is a die-hard fan of a French soccer club called AS Saint Etienne), playing instruments such as clarinette, piano, and guitar.