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Xiaodi Yu

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Xiaodi Yu

Xiaodi Yu

Xiaodi Yu – M.S. in Computer Science

Xiaodi is from the Henan province in the center of China, considered the birthplace of the Chinese civilization. He has always been interested in engineering and geography. Xiaodi earned a B.S. in Survey and Mapping Engineering from Shanghai University. His first experience in Computer Science was during this program when he took a class on Visual Basic and Imaging Processing. After completing his B.S., Xiaodi was not ready to be out of school and wanted to experience a different lifestyle so he applied to American M.S. programs in Geographic Information Systems.

A scholarship and a research assistantship inclined Xiaodi to choose OU to pursue his international academic studies. However, upon coming to OU he became more and more interested in Computer Science and chose to switch majors and complete his M.S. in CS. He especially appreciates the fact that by knowing how to program, he can create his own tools instead of using those created by others. With a degree in computer science he can give a tailored answer to the problems his projects might have him face.

Xiaodi is a CS scholarship recipient and enjoys working on database related projects. With his Geographic Information Systems background and his new knowledge in programming, he can work on both sides of a database system. After changing majors and with little CS background, it only took him two months to find a job as a student developer for the College of Continuing Education IT department, where he works on backend web development and the functionality part of a website including how to connect information to a database and how to retrieve data.

Xiaodi likes the small size of the department the fact that he knows all of the professors and can easily talk to them. He also enjoys that each professor has a different teaching style.

After graduation, Xiaodi would like to work as a database analyst or a web developer.

Outside of Computer Science, Xiaodi enjoys cooking, running and going to the movies. He likes to volunteer for his church and went on a mission trip last summer near Tulsa.