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Junjun Hu

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School of Computer Science Student Profiles

Junjun Hu

Junjun Hu

Junjun Hu – Ph.D. student

Junjun is from a region in Northern China called Shanxi Province with coal mining being economically very important. Growing up in a rural community, her parents made sure to give her the opportunity to get a good education by sending her to the city school instead of her village one. She is very thankful for this, because not many children got this chance. She quickly discovered a love for Math and Physics. Junjun did not have any trouble solving problems. Since she is very young she has been wanting to be a teacher.

After high school, Junjun joined Yanshan University where she completed a B.S. in Information and Computation Science. It was a program involving a lot of Math, which Junjun enjoyed. That is also once she joined this university that she discovered the world of computers. Before that, she had never touched one and had to start from the beginning: from learning the names of the different hardware components to using Microsoft Suite, everything was new to her! She quickly got a grasp on this technology and appreciated learning about it. Junjun then pursued her education at the Institute of Software, China Academy of Sciences where she obtained an M.S. in Computer Applied Technology. Her academic achievements were recognized by many awards. Among them are a National Scholarship, University Scholarship, Outstanding Student Leader Award, Outstanding Graduate of Hebei Province, and Outstanding Graduate of the University. She was also be nominated as one of the ten "Student Stars" by Yanshan University.

Junjun followed her husband to the U.S. when he was hired as a post-doc in hydrometeorology at the National Weather Center. By then, she chose to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science to put all the mathematical theories she learned to practice. She really enjoys this aspect of our program as well as the projects given in classes. Her favorite classes are CS 5743/5753 Scientific Computing I and II and CS 4413 Algorithm Analysis. These classes were taught by Dr. Lakshmivarahan and appealed to Junjun because of her Math background. She also enjoyed CS 5133 Data Networks with Dr. Radhakrishnan especially the class project and all that she learned on the different layers of networks. Currently, Junjun is finishing her dissertation on uncertainty quantification and data assimilation under the supervision of Dr. Lakshmivarahan. She is planning to defend her work in Fall 15.

When asked what she likes the most about the CS program at OU, Junjun talks about the learning environment, the people, and the always helpful professors who help creating a bridge between theory and practice. Since joining our program, Junjun has continued to excel academically. In 2013, she received a CS Alumni Graduate Scholarship. In 2014, she was the recipient of a ConocoPhillips Scholarship and in 2015, she was voted CS Outstanding Ph.D. Student by our faculty members. After graduation, Junjun hopes to have a career in academia and research. She would particularly enjoy teaching a class similar to Scientific Computing.

Outside of Computer Science, Junjun enjoys traveling and hiking in mountainous regions. She also is an accomplished badminton player. More importantly, Junjun is also the mom of Kevin, 4 years old, and Karin, 8 months old.