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Sudarshan Vangala

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Sudarshan Vangala

Sudarshan Vangala – M.S. in Computer Science

Sudarshan is from Hyderabad in India. This city is the 4th most populous of the country and a highly regarded university hub. Sudarshan had his first experience with a computer in 8th grade through a class on DOS Commands. However, when the teacher was not around, students would use the machines to play Road Rash. He has always been good in Math and Science and has always wanted to be an engineer. In 10th grade, Sudarshan participated in a National Science fair and finished second, with a project on alternative fuel sources. After 12th grade, his interest in computers and how they work became so big that it was clear to him that he wanted to become a software engineer. After being selected through an entry exam, Sudarshan joined a top institution: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University as an Information Technology major.

After working for 3 years as a Tech Software Engineer for a company specialized in software development for industry, and in spite of a stellar performance, Sudarshan felt somewhat unchallenged and decided to go back to school for a M.S. in Computer Science. One of our distinguished alum talked to him about OU and the Computer Science program. Sudarshan then knew he wanted to join the Sooner family.

Since in Norman, he enjoys the diverse culture and how colorful the campus is. He particularly appreciates how different the classes are from the ones taught in his country. So far, his favorite classes are CS 5093 Visual Analytics with Dr. Weaver, CS 4413 Algorithm Analysis with Dr. Lakshmivarahan, and CS 4513 Database Management with Dr. Gruenwald. Sudarshan finds the classes well organized and the professors very friendly and easy to approach.

Seeking to make the best out of his education experience, Sudarshan participates in CSIP events and in the Indian Student Association. He currently works for Dr. Weaver as a research assistant on the Digital Latin Library project. This topic is related to his thesis entitled: “Revisiting Visualization States Based on User Intentions.” In other words, Sudarshan is trying to improve the history system of a user’s use of a visualization system. He plans to defend his work in Summer 2016. He enjoys how Dr. Weaver’s group is always willing to help each other and how helpful and knowledgeable Dr. Weaver is.

After graduation, Sudarshan plans on going back to work and he will decide whether or not to pursue a Ph.D. He really enjoys research, which is a new facet of Computer Science he discovered here. He specifically likes how challenging it can be and how there is always an opportunity to learn something new.
Sudarshan is also very interested in sports. He likes to play cricket and badminton when he gets leisure time and loves bowling and following football. Sudarshan also enjoys cooking a lot.