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Computer Science Tutors

If you would like to have your name appear as a tutor on this list, please contact Deborah Trytten at dtrytten  [ at ]  ou [ dot  ] edu or 405-325-4299.  

Paid /VolunteerEmail
Louis Abe MujangCS 1213/Programming with Python, CS 1313/Programming for non-majors with C, CS 1321/Java for Programmers, CS 1323/Intro to Programming for Programmers, CS 2413/Data Structures, Web Development (CSS, Django, Flask, HTML)Paidmujangabe(at)gmail (dot) com
Marcos BernierCS 1323/Intro to Programming fro Programmers, CS 2334/Programming Structures and Abstracts, CS 2614 Computer Organization.
Marcos.S.Bernier-1 (at) ou (dot) edu
Jesse BlackledgeCS 1321/Java for Programmers, CS 2413/ Data Structures, CS 2334 Programming StructuresPaidjesse (dot)m(dot)blackledge-1 (at) ou (dot) edu
Bach Nguyen-NgoCS 1321/Java for Programmers, CS 2413 Data Structures, CS 2334 Programming Structures, any Java or C++,  Paid
Bach (dot)x.nguyenNgo-1(at) ou (dot) edu