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Data Science and Analytics

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Data Science and Analytics

Big Data – two small words that can have a major impact on how companies make key decisions.

Organizations large and small employ data scientists to determine profitable lines of business, characterize customers, evaluate and predict risks, improve operational efficiencies, predict system performance and perform complex simulations.

Data Science and Analytics is the development of analytical models and methods to extract new knowledge from vast, complex data.  Graduates will have the skills to design and build tools to extract, assimilate and analyze data, and the systems understanding to predict and enhance future performance for enterprises across all domains of the private and public sectors. 

The University of Oklahoma is proud to offer a Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Analytics, and a Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics.  Current OU students can complete an Accelerated Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree, a dual degree or add our certificate.

Course offerings come from a collaboration between the Schools of Computer Science and Industrial and Systems Engineering.  All options can be completed online, on campus or as a combination.  Please read on explore the right option for you.


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