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Doctoral Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The total number of credits required to complete the Ph.D. is 90 semester hours beyond the B.S. degree. This normally includes 30 credit hours for a doctoral dissertation. Students are allowed to transfer up to 44 credits (in accordance with the Graduate Bulletin) from a master's degree toward the 90 hours required.

Specific requirements for the Ph.D. are set by each student's doctoral committee in conformance with the current rules of the Graduate College. A qualifying examination is required of all students.

Successful completion of a General Examination, consisting of both written and oral parts, is required before preparation of the dissertation. The main intent of this exam is to evaluate the student's total preparation for conducting research and successfully completing the doctoral dissertation. Within the general requirements stipulated by the Graduate College, the specific format and requirements for the General Examination are determined by the student's doctoral committee in compliance with Graduate College's policy.

There are two different sets of program requirements. The course requirements are the same. However, for students admitted to Ph.D. program after Spring 2007, the ECE Qualifying Examination format has changed. Also, there is a Dissertation Pre-Defense Seminar requirement as well as additional publication requirements.

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