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Special Facilities and Programs

Excellent facilities are available for advanced studies in digital systems, power systems, digital signal processing, intelligent transportation systems, alternate energy, GPS, weather radar and instrumentation, communication, opto-electronics and solid state electronics. The School operates and maintains a variety of computers, a microprocessor lab, a power systems simulator lab, a digital signal processing lab and other instructional and research laboratories. The facilities are used to provide "hands-on" experience for students. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering undergraduate programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET

Biomedical Optics and Electronic Imaging Laboratories

The facilities support advanced research and teaching in medical imaging and biomedical optics. One laboratory is located in Stephenson Research and Technology Center that contains state-of-the-art equipment, such as X-ray sources; custom developed CCD and other electronic detector systems, and computing resources. Another laboratory is located in the OU Medical Center to foster collaboration with clinicians. The equipment includes digital x-ray imaging systems, digital fluorescent imaging systems, optical tables, and lasers.

Center for Intelligent Systems

Research lab to support artificial intelligence, expert system, artificial neural networks and soft computing (fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm) investigations. This lab is set up on the North Campus. It is designed to aid research in the areas of controls, sensors, embedded systems, and algorithms. The lab is built on 1,400 sq. ft. using state-of-the-art flexible automation cells donated by Nokia Mobile Phones.

Communications Laboratory

A research lab focused on communications signal processing and coding for data transmission and storage.

Digital Design Laboratories

An upper-division teaching laboratory and graduate research labs. Developments and experimentation with microprocessor control circuits, memory, and I/O functions extend the understanding of the capabilities and flexibility of this technology. A full range of PC based development platforms and instrumentation is available at each two-person team workstation. Research labs provide workstation support for hardware design languages and programmable logic implementation. This lab features teamwork areas to support capstone industry-sponsored projects.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

A research laboratory focused on DSP research issues in multimedia systems and telecommunications: representation, recognition, compression, and enhancement.

Laboratory for Electrical Energy & Power Systems

A research laboratory focused on experimental studies on electrical transmission and distribution systems including: insulation aging, power quality, electromagnetic transient disturbances, system protection, power components and electric machinery and microgrids for terrestrial and naval applications.

Microelectronics Laboratory

A research laboratory equipped to grow and characterize narrow band gap semiconductor materials, fabricate mid-infrared optoelectronic devices, and perform real-time in situ measurements of semiconductor manufacturing procedures. Laboratory facilities include molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) growth systems, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and mid-IR laser spectrometers, and a variety of computer controlled cryogenic test stations.

Radar Innovations Lab (RIL)

A lab that supports the scientific and educational goals of the Atmospheric Radar Research Center through the design and fast prototyping of innovative hardware and software systems. The RIL has state-of-art test equipment covering the DC to 50 GHz frequency range. Important radar hardware design courses have recently been added to the Weather Radar Curriculum at OU and the RIL will be used in our commitment to provide students a comprehensive education in the field of radar.

Laboratories Contact Information

Laboratories Faculty In Charge Phone Office
Bioengineering Liu 3652 SRTC
Communications Cruz 4754 444-445
Commuri Lab Commuri 5675/4249 NC 210
Dr. Fagan North Campus Classroom Fagan 3605 NC210
Image Processing S. Lee 3623 446-447
ITS Lab Sluss, Havlicek 7025
Lab for Electrical Energy & Power Systems Moses   NC210
S/C Opto-Electronics Shi 7876 B7
S/C Res/Teach Lab-Fab Shi 1219 B11
Solid State McCann 5419 4th Floor, East
Radar Innovations Lab Fulton, Goodman, Ruyle, Sigmarsson, Yeary, Yu, Zhang 325-1619 South Campus
Energy Finance Lab Jiang   EL 204