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Faculty Research

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Faculty Research Interests

Banad, Mike  Advancing Data-Driven Decision-Making: AI/ML Algorithms and Hardware for Knowledge Discovery in Science and Engineering. E-mail:

Barnes, Ronald Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign, 2005. Computer micro-architecture; compilers; computer hardware and software design and co-design. E-mail:

Cheng, Samuel  Assistant Professor, TCOM, Tulsa; Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2004. Information theory, image and signal processing for medical application, pattern recognition. E-mail:

Cruz, J. R.  Professor and Tilley Chair; Ph.D., Houston-University Park, 1980. Digital communications, signal processing. E-mail:

Ding, Lei Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2007. Biomedical imaging, neural engineering. E-mail:

Havlicek, Joseph  Professor; Ph.D., Texas-Austin, 1996. Signal and image processing, multimedia communications, nonlinear and AM-FM signal models, Kalman filtering, intelligent transportation systems. E-mail:

Jiang, John (Ning)  Associate Professor, and OG&E Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas, 2005. Estimation, analysis, control of physical and financial risks for deregulated energy industry. E-mail:

Liu, Hong Charles & Jean Smith Chair of Bioengineering/Professor, Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Inst., 1990. Biomedical imaging/biomedical engineering. E-mail:

McCann, Patrick J.  George Lynn Cross Research Professor; Ph.D., MIT, 1990. IV-VI semiconductor lasers, tunable diode laser spectroscopy, optoelectronic integrated circuits. E-mail:

Moses, Paul  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Curtin University (Australia), 2012. Transmission and distribution systems, nonlinear electromagnetic phenomena, microgrids, naval power systems and system protection. E-mail:

Refai, Hazem Hejjo  Williams Professor, TCOM, Tulsa; Ph.D., Oklahoma, 1999. Modeling and simulation in wireless telecommunication, VoIP, network design and optimization, network traffic modeling. E-mail:

Sharif, Sarah Quantum-Inspired Engineering and AI/ML-Assisted Designs for High-Efficiency Communication, Advanced Computation, and Sensing Innovations. E-mail:  

Shi, Zhisheng  Professor; Ph.D., Freiburg (Germany), 1995. Semiconductor thin film growth, optoelectronic devices (lasers and detectors), broadband integrated circuits. E-mail:

Sluss, James J. Jr. Morris R. Pitman Professor, ECE/TCOM, and ECE Director; Ph.D., Virginia, 1989. Fiber-optic transmission systems, intelligent transportation systems, telecommunications, broadband networks. E-mail:

Tang, Choon Yik  Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2003. Wireless communications and networking (link adaptation, resource allocation, protocol design, distributed estimation/control/optimization), systems and control theory. E-mail:

Verma, Pramode Williams Professor and TCOM Director, Tulsa; Ph.D., Concordia University (Montreal), 1970. Telecommunication networks, networking technology, interoperability. E-mail:

Yang, Rui  Professor; Ph.D., Nanjing University, 1987. Solid state devices; interband cascade structures for lasers and detectors. E-mail:

Yeary, Mark Presidential Professor; Ph.D., Texas A & M, 1999. Digital signal processing, as applied to radar signal processing, digital communications, image processing, adaptive filter design, and customized embedded DSP systems.  In addition:  new educational models and effective pedagogy for interdisciplinary learning. E-mail:

Yu, Tian-You Gerald Tuma Presidential Professor; Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2000. Remote sensing, radar signal processing. E-mail:

Zhang, Yan (Rockee) Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2004. Intelligent radio and radar sensing, RF-microwave systems and instrumentation, random signal and Low-Probability-of-Intercept (LPI) radar, real-time system implementation on FPGA and DSP. E-mail:

Adjunct Faculty and Their Research

Chilson, Phillip Associate Professor, Meteorology; Ph.D., Clemson, 1993. Atmospheric layered phenomena and their interactions with background wind field using profiling atmospheric radars; development of spatial and frequency interferometry. E-mail:

Palmer, Robert Professor, Meteorology; Ph.D., Oklahoma, 1989. Array processing techniques for weather radar, meteorological phenomena using Doppler radar, development of innovative radar interferometric techniques, adaptive array applications for wireless communications. E-mail:

Pei, Jinsong Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Ph.D., Columbia, 2001. System identification, simulation and control of linear and nonlinear systems, neural networks, digital signal processing and numerical analysis. E-mail:

Zhang, Guifu Associate Professor, Meteorology; Ph.D., Washington, 1998. Radar polarimetry and interferometry for weatherquantification and forecasting, wave interactions propagation with geophysical media. E-mail: