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Undergraduate Group Advising

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has adopted a Group Advising process since Fall 2008. This is a result of strong input from our students and other stakeholders.

The administrative steps required to advise and prepare you for on-line enrollment will all be done at a single session. During your 1-on-1 interview, you will be able to select and be advised into next semester's courses and be cleared by William Student Service Center (WSSC) to enroll in the appropriate time-window. There will be preparation necessary on your part to make this happen.

Advisement activities can be divided into two key parts:

  1. Determining the direction you wish to take your career preparation
  2. Implementing that plan with current course schedules and following the required administrative process.
  • Group Advising will focus on making the second step as efficient as possible. Our Group Advisors are experts in handling curriculum alternatives and assisting you with resolving administrative problems. Meeting career objectives requires you to research the impact of specific elective choices in rounding out your educational portfolio. Family, friends, potential employers and others can assist in this dialogue. The ECE faculty may well be your best advisors for this question. They are prepared to assist you during their office hours, prior to your advisement session.

A successful Group Advising session is assured if three things are in place:

  1. You clearly understand your progress toward graduation in the curriculum "pattern"
  2. You have formed alternatives and preferences for Electives.
  3. Degree Navigator (MY DN record) correctly reflects credit for all courses you have taken or transferred into your degree plan.

Additional actions might include:

  • Visiting to view course descriptions and availability.
  • Applying to enter the accelerated BS/MS track
  • Completing Grad-Check activities with WSSC and conforming to the requirement to immediately repeat any course not passed with a C-or-better.
  • Visiting with ECE Faculty during their office hours to discuss your Elective and/or Internship alternatives. Please complete the above actions before your Advising session.

Each semester, ECE Staff will send out a notification email with the schedule and instructions for group advising.

As final preparation for advising, you should follow these steps:

  1. Print out the EE Applicable Flowchart (PDF) or the CpE Applicable Flowchart (PDF), your "Degree Pattern", as indication of your curriculum progress by crossing out all classes you have or are taking and circling your prospective choices for next semesters classes (writing in specific course numbers for Electives anticipated in the next year)
  2. Copy of your current schedule (this includes any transfer courses you are currently enrolled in). You can obtain a copy of your current OU schedule by:  
    1. Logging on to and clicking on the "Academics" TAB
    2. Locate the "Student Schedules" box on the far right and choosing the "Concise Student Schedule" link
    3. Choose Spring 2010 from the drop down menu
    4. Print screen (CTRL P)
  • Completed Flowchart with prospective courses circled and current or  completed courses marked through.
  • Tentatively proposed class schedule from