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Engineering Career Fair

Engineering Career Fair



September 15, 2022 | 12:00pm-5:00pm CDT | Lloyd Noble Center

The Engineering Career Fair, held each fall,  is the primary campus recruiting event for employers who want to increase their visibility among students interested in careers in engineering and technical disciplines. The Engineering Career Fair also provides students an opportunity to network, engage with potential employers and gain a better understanding of potential careers and career paths in the fields of engineering.  The fair is free to attend for all OU students.

Attending students will park at Lloyd Noble Center and enter through the southeast entrance labelled "Student Entrance".  Attendees will use their OU ID card to check-in.  Student check-in opens at 11:00am.



Engineering Career Fair held at the Lloyd Noble Center

Students interested in attending the Engineering Career Fair can register for the event via Handshake.  You can access Handshake at ( and login using your OU 4x4.  A direct link to the fair's page can be found below.

By registering for the event, you can view attending company profiles and opportunities that may be available to you.  This information will update daily all the way to the day of the fair with new company registrations.  Be sure to check back frequently!

Engineering Career Fair Handshake Page



Tips for Success

You can go to the Engineering Career Fair page on Handshake and look up employers.  This can be done before registration opens.  Employers will post information about their company, the job opportunities available to students, and social media or website information.  Each job opportunity will list preferences for classification, majors, work authorization, and other information that can help you know if an employer would be interested in you. 

Knowing who will be attending and what they are interested in can help you plan for the day and help you tailor your profile and resume to specific opportunities.

A good resume is an essential part of your job search and will be key to getting a job or internship.  All attendees are encouraged to review their resume and update their work history, organizations, education, and other information.   Attendees are encouraged to get their resume critiqued at the Career Center or one of the various events on campus throughout the year.

The Career Center and the Gallogly College of Engineering create and publish a mobile app that gives important information about the fair.  This app is free and available to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

The Career Fair app has more in-depth tips for success at the fair, a list of companies attending the fair, and an interactive booth map that lets attendees know where a company can be found at the fair.  This can help you plan your day at the fair.

In order to help prepare you for the fair and meeting with a recruiter, we encourage all attendees to attend the various career fair prep events that are happening throughout the University.  These events include mock interviews, resume workshops, and more.

The Career Center hosts many of these event themselves throughout campus.  Notification is sent to students via email and a full list can be found on Handshake.  Several student organizations also host events to help students prepare for the fair.  These opportunities will be posted on Engage, the Teamup calendar, and in the GCoE Student Newsletter as well as shared through Career Center emails.

Students have the option of pre-registering for the Engineering Career Fair at the Career Center until the week of the fair.  By pre-registering, students will gain their name badge and lanyard prior to the fair.  This means that when you check-in to the fair proper, you will be able to immediately proceed to the waiting area rather than wait for your name badge to be produced and handed to you.

Attendees are expected to wear business professional attire to the fair or next day interviews.  A full breakdown of attire tips can be found on the Career Fair app. Generally, make sure your attire is appropriate, fits well, and that you are well groomed.

Build and print your resume

You should review and update your resume.  All attendees are encouraged to get it critiqued at the Career Center or at the various career fair prep events on campus.  Once it is ready, you should print several copies on resume paper to hand out to companies you plan to talk to at the fair.

Log in to Handshake and update your profile

Log into Handshake using your OU 4x4.  On your profile, you can upload your resume and update your profile information.  You should make sure to set your Handshake profile to "public" so recruiters can see what you have to offer.

Research companies

This app and Handshake list the companies that are attending the fair along with the opportunities they are offering.  You can view their website and do research to know if that company is right for you and your needs.

Know yourself

Employers are interested in candidates that have a strong understanding of their wants, goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  Take the time to reflect on yourself and your experiences.  Think about what you would like to gain and how you want to achieve your goals before coming to the fair.

Practice your "Me Speech"

Also called the "elevator pitch", attendees should prepare a list of their skills and talents that set them apart from other candidates.  You should take time to practice it and make sure that it is relevant to the employer you are talking to and that it shows interest in what they have to offer.

Plan your outfit

All attendees are required to come in business professional attire, just like at an interview.  For more information about what is best to wear, please refer to the appropriate section on the Career Fair app.

Attend Career Fair prep events

The Career Center posts a list of career fair prep events to Handshake.  Student organizations and even employers also hold events throughout the year which are great ways to not only build skills useful for career fair and interviews, but also build your network and learn more about certain organizations and companies.

Be expressive and show your interest

Recruiters will meet many students throughout the fair.  Find ways to make yourself memorable by being confident and showing enthusiasm for their organization.  Show them you are just as excited to meet them as they are to you.

Bring what you need

Unfortunately, there is no storage area to keep extra belongings.  Only bring what you need and leave everything else at home or in your car.

Give a strong first impression

When introducing yourself, maintain eye contact and give a firm handshake.  Say your name loudly and clearly so the recruiter can hear you.

Collect business cards

An easy way to track who you have talked to is to grab their business card after meeting them.  This will allow you to follow up with them after the fair if you would like.  It may also be beneficial to make notes about what you talked about on the back of the card in case you need those details later on.

Hand out resumes

Give out resumes to each employer you talk to.  Please note that some employers may not accept hard copies of your resume and tell you to apply online.  Make note of these companies so you can remember to upload your resume after the fair.

Check the map on the Career Fair app

In order to plan your day at the fair and have the most time to meet with employers, you should utilize the Career Fair app's interactive booth map.  This map lists the location of each employer at the fair and can help you plan your route efficiently.

Ask questions

All attendees are encouraged to ask recruiters questions so they can keep the conversation flowing and make your interaction more memorable.  You should be aware that you should limit your questions to expectations of candidates, organizational structure, and information about the department.  Avoid questions that may indicate a lack of knowledge about the company or what they offer.

You got this!

Be confident in yourself, you got this!  If you have any questions or need anything during the fair itself, volunteers will be available throughout the venue to assist you and give you some pointers.

Send a thank you note

If an employer was especially helpful or interesting, take the time to write a brief email or letter to let them know you appreciated the opportunity to meet with them.

Look for more opportunities

The Engineering Career Fair is not the only opportunity to connect with employers looking to recruit students nor does it include every company that is recruiting our students.  Find out when a company returns to campus.  Many companies do events throughout the year either through the college, the Career Center, or various student organizations.  Check out the Handshake job board for internship and job opportunities from companies that may not attend the fair.  The weekly engineering student newsletter also posts internship and job opportunities on their blog.  There are many ways to find opportunities and the Engineering Career Fair is just one of many avenues to achieve your goals.


Additional Networking Opportunities

September 15 | 5:00pm-6:30pm | Lloyd Noble Center - Courtside Club

In partnership with our Diversity and Inclusion program, we offer a unique opportunity for Gallogly College of Engineering and Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy students to network, discuss opportunities, and celebrate diversity with recruiters.

This session is available to all students within the Diversity and Inclusion program in either the Gallogly College of Engineering or the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.

September 14, 2022 | 12:30pm-4:30pm CDT | Lloyd Noble Center

The Sooner Showcase Career Fair is the largest recruiting event at OU and the ideal place for students to learn about internships and full-time job opportunities in professional and business related careers. Get an early start for summer and post-graduation employment while networking with any of the over 140 organizations that will attend! The career fair is free and open to all OU students and alumni. Freshmen and Sophomores are encouraged to attend.

Sooner Showcase Handshake Page

February 16th, 2022 | 12:30pm-4:00pm | Thurman J. White Forum Building

The OU Spring Career Fair brings together all students, all majors, and all colleges to introduce a wide variety of organizations interested in hiring for full-time and internship positions. It is also a great event for undergraduates to network and develop contacts for future employment opportunities

OU Spring Career Fair Handshake Page

Career fairs are not the only way to connect with employers and network.  Companies will often host events on campus or partner with OU departments or student organizations to do so themselves.  Keep an eye on our digital signs, the student newsletter, internship blog, student organization event flyers, and your email to make sure you don't miss an opportunity to get connected with an employer.

Thousands of companies post job and internship opportunities on Handshake directly through our job board.  Students are encouraged to check back frequently for positions that might fit their needs and interest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  We always encourage students of all classifications to attend the career fair.  Not only is it a good way to meet employers and network, it can also help you prepare for future fairs and getting an internship or co-op.

As for alumni, this is a good opportunity to find full-time employment  and internships as well as network.  You are always welcome to attend!

We understand that employers are sometimes looking for both engineering and non-engineering students.  If there are any opportunities to connect with employers within the Engineering Career Fair, please feel free to join.  We encourage you to also check out the Sooner Showcase and OU Spring Career Fair as those might have additional opportunities.

Unfortunately, only those affiliated with the University of Oklahoma can attend this year’s fair.

Students are welcome to attend any fairs that interest them.  We encourage you to look at the list of participating employers and see which opportunities appeal to you most.

Yes there is!  The Career Fair app has helpful information such as company listing, booth maps, and tips on being successful at the fair.  Best of all, it is absolutely free to use and download.

The app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Companies will indicate any work authorization requirements upon registration for the fair.  This information can be found either on the Engineering Career Fair's Handshake page and company listing or on the Career Fair app's company list.  

All companies will indicate this information on the Engineering Career Fair's Handshake page or Career Fair app.

The Gallogly College of Engineering is excusing students from all engineering classes during the Engineering Career Fair.  Unfortunately, we cannot excuse you from non-engineering coursework.  Please work with your professors and instructors for potential accommodations during the fair.

Next Day Interviews are a chance for companies to interview candidates for internships as well as full-time job opportunities on-campus following the fair.  Employers that are interested in holding interviews the next day will indicate so on their registration, and will be given blank schedules at the career fair with which to sign students up.

These interviews will be held at the Thurman J. White Forum Building.  Students that are invited to interview employers will need to check-in with Career Services at the north entrance to the Forum building.  Students will be notified the evening following the Engineering Career Fair by the contact information they provided to the company.

Please remember, not all companies attending the fair will join Next Day Interviews.  A company may contact you later with regards to interviews.

It is thanks to our student and staff volunteers that our Engineering Career Fair is so successful!  Students that are interested in volunteering can sign up in the Fall semester.  We will host a virtual informational meeting on the week of the fair for all volunteers so they can understand their roles and the logistics of the day.  A recording of the meeting will be available and shared with anyone that signed up to volunteer.

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet with employers outside of the fair and get a better idea of how the Engineering Career Fair works.

The Engineering Career Fair will be compliant with all guidance and policies that are being implemented by the University of Oklahoma.  Masks are not required, but will be encouraged for all attendees.  Disposable masks will be available for anyone in need of a mask during the event.

For questions, help, or accommodations, please contact the Engineering Career Fair Coordinator, Jeff Biggerstaff.