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Structural Faculty

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Structural Faculty

Faculty members associated with Fears Lab include University of Oklahoma Civil Engineering professors in structural engineering, structural mechanics, geotechnical engineering, and architectural engineering.

Professor Ramseyer of the OU structural engineering program utilizes Fears Laboratory office space for his official campus work venue.  University of Oklahoma faculty who perform work remotely at Fears Lab include Professors Cerato, Hatami, Miller and Muraleetharan from OU’s geotechnical engineering program, Professors Ramseyer, Pei, Floyd, and Volz from OU’s structural engineering program and faculty collaborators from OU’s DySSC Center as well as those from other colleges and schools across the campus.

Support facilities for faculty at Fears Lab includes a comfortable conference room, high-speed wired Internet connections within each office in the laboratory, IEE 802.11g wireless networks within the building’s masonry office wing, and various other workplace amenities including the official Donald G. Fears Laboratory espresso machine!