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Jinsong Pei

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Jin-Song Pei

Jin-Song Pei is the resident interdisciplinary expert of the Fears Lab structures team, and joined the OU structural engineering faculty in the fall of 2002.

Professor Pei guides education and research efforts in a wide variety of engineering fields, and especially at the interface of structural and electrical engineering.  Her research efforts include advanced sensor efforts for structural health monitoring, wireless communication techniques relevant to civil infrastructure, and the repair of damaged structural systems.

Jin-Song teaches courses in analysis and in mechanics, including the materials and structural analysis courses in the undergraduate curriculum.  At the graduate level, she teaches courses in structural dynamics and advanced mechanics, and supports both undergraduate and graduate student research efforts.

Jin-Song Pei, Ph.D.

Jinsong Pei, Ph.D.

Technical Areas 
Engineering mechanics, structural engineering

Research Interests

Nonlinear dynamical system, nonlinear hysteresis, nonlinear system identification, memristors, memcapacitors, function approximation, artificial neural network, constructive method, piecewise smooth model, hybrid dynamical system, FPGA-based computation, embedded algorithm, structural health monitoring, damage detection, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.

Contact Information
Phone:  405.325.4272

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
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