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Offices and Classrooms

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The School of ISE is located in Carson Engineering Center (CEC) on 5 different levels of the building. School administrative and faculty offices are located on the first floor of the building, as is the Graduate Teaching Assistants office. Instructional labs for human factors/ergonomics and manufacturing are located on the basement level. Research labs are located in the sub- basement, the basement, the second floor, and the fourth floor. Graduate student offices are located in the basement and the fourth floor.

The School is fortunate to have two collaborative spaces on the second floor of the building. These spaces provide ISE students and faculty with much needed areas for meetings, collaboration, and team project work. Specifically, The Carroll G. Webb Student Team Room and the IEAB Leadership Room are equipped with digital projectors, as well as tables, chairs, and whiteboards. In addition, the Student Team Room has four computer workstations equipped with Microsoft and ISE specific engineering software, and informal furniture and amenities to make the space comfortable for the student body. The Student Team Room also provides the common space for student advising each semester.

The administrative, clerical offices, and faculty offices are located on the first floor of CEC. This first floor location is conducive to providing availability of the ISE faculty and staff to the ISE students for their educational needs. Students have easy access to assistance with coursework, textbook checkout, and administrative processes. There is also equipment available for checkout to the students. This includes digital projectors, digital cameras, digital recorders, laptops, and other small engineering instruments.

The ISE Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) office is also on the first floor, and is physically connected to the faculty office suite. The TA office is shared by all the ISE TAs with office hours coordinated among the undergraduate courses. The location provides easy and common access for the ISE students to meet with all course TAs, facilitating the learning process.


The University provides classrooms for all lecture classes. Campus-wide, but particularly in the Engineering Quadrangle area, these classrooms are outfitted with instructional technology sufficient to support high levels of audio/video/computer interactive multimedia course offerings. Most GCoE classes take place in GCoE facilities. All of the general purpose GCoE laboratories and several departmental laboratories also serve as computer classrooms. All GCoE classrooms have wireless networking capability and most also have power and data connections available at each desk. GCoE classrooms are outfitted with multimedia technology including data projectors, document cameras, VCR/DVD units, and connections for laptop display. Two GCoE classrooms have high definition video conferencing capabilities in addition to multimedia technology.

In addition to traditional classrooms, the GCoE has a computer laboratory (see description in the Laboratories page) in Carson Engineering Center that is scheduled for computer-based engineering courses. Outside of the GCoE, the University provides a number of specific classroom facilities for the televised exchange of courses within the State of Oklahoma using a compressed video format and significant resources exist for web-based conferencing of courses between campuses.

ISE works closely with the GCoE classroom scheduler to ensure access to GCoE classrooms and computer-labs for courses that are appropriate in enrollment and technology needs. However, as course enrollments have grown, ISE courses are being scheduled in whichever building on campus has a classroom with the needed capacity.

In addition, the GCoE provides twelve team rooms that are outfitted with multimedia technology and available for student use. Nine of the rooms have a large plasma display with laptop audio and video connections. The three remaining rooms have data projectors plus dual plasma displays and laptop audio and video connections.