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Handan Acar


Ph.D., 2013, Materials Science and Nanotechnology – Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey


Our research efforts combine various interdisciplinary approaches to address the current limitations in clinical biomedical applications. To achieve this purpose, we use techniques to manipulate molecular-level interactions to design and synthesize materials with unique capabilities; for example:

  • self-assembling nanoparticles for site-specific delivery platforms,
  • the tracking of intracellular interactions using active cargo,
  • and activated self-assembly strategies for disrupting malignant cells.

A key aspect of our research is thus to harness nanomedicine for clinical translational applications.


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  • Patent granted: “Biomimetic template directed synthesis of one-dimensional nanostructures”; Acar, H., Guler, M.O., Garifullin, R., Turkish Patent Institute, Patent No: 2010/06049.
  • Nonprovisional patent application to USPTO: “Enzymatically Cleavable Peptide Amphiphiles"; Acar, H.; LaBelle, J.; Tirrell, M.; Reference Number UCHI 2601.
Handan Acar

Office: GLG 319
(405) 325-0095
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