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Being a Trainee

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What Should You Expect as a Student or Postdoc in the Galizia Membrane Lab?

Trainee at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral) are exposed to a highly dynamic research program, which will help them learn:

  • how to conduct high quality multidisciplinary and multiscale scientific research using fundamental principles and engineering acumen for applications. This ability is an indispensable pre-requisite to help solve today’s and tomorrow’s grand challenges for the mankind.
  • how to become part of a convergent group of scientists, that is, how to successfully collaborate with a diverse group of researchers exhibiting different backgrounds but common scientific interests
  • build a track record of accomplishments through research activities
  • how to communicate effectively and persuasively, through influential oral talks and scientific publications, as well as competitive grant proposals.
  • leadership skills
  • build up a solid professional network, as well as personal connections with a variety of professionals working in similar and complementary areas

Since we truly believe that individual and collective opportunities always come together, each trainee will be able to gain experience in different areas based on his/her career goals.

People who believe these values are welcome to apply to our program.