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Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering group photo of six women

Women in Engineering

Serving students in the Gallogly College of Engineering and the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.

Our vision is to inspire and foster the advancement and achievement of women in engineering and sciences.

The program serves to engage, educate, connect and support students by providing curriculum and opportunities for professional and personal development. It also serves the community and state through outreach and service activities, consistent with the WiE guiding pillars.

As a part of the Gallogly College of Engineering's strategic plan, we expanded our efforts and launched a full-scale Women in Engineering Program in the fall of 2016. This exciting new chance to support, engage, and educate our students includes a wide-variety of opportunities to include mentorship, scholarships, K-12 outreach, retention and professional development programs. 



According to statistics provided by the Society of Women Engineers, in 2019 the female undergraduate enrollment increase to 24%, from 19% in 2010. As of Fall 2017, 25% of the students in the OU Gallogly College of Engineering are women!

We hope to continue our progress as we recruit, retain and mentor women in engineering, as well as establishing close relationships with industry. We want young women to know about this exciting profession and how they can make a difference in the nation and world!

25% female representation in OU engineering
Representation Matters

OU surpasses the national average of female engineering students by 25%.

WiE Guiding Pillars
Guiding Pillars
  • Outreach
  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Service

The below one-page info sheet will provide you with a snapshot of the Women in Engineering Program at the University of Oklahoma.

Outreach Activities


K-12 Outreach

The vision of GLAMS (Girls Learning and Applying Math and Science) Program is to introduce middle school students to science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to encourage them to explore STEM concepts through fun, hands-on design projects led by current students in the Gallogly College of Engineering (GCoE) and the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.  This event is hosted by the OU Chapter of Society of Women Engineers.

Learn more about GLAMS

High School Girls Day

K-12 Outreach

Held each Fall, the Shell High School Girls Day is an outreach and recruitment event, hosted by the OU Chapter of Society of Women Engineers, and provides the opportunity for prospective high school students to engage with faculty from various engineering disciplines, and interact with school administration, staff, academic advisors and current students.


Learn more about HSGD

Women in Engineering Retreat

The vision of the Women in Engineering Retreat is to create an environment for our engineering students to empower one another, take time for self-exploration, and reflect for personal growth and an enriching, meaningful experience.

Women in Engineering Month

Women in Engineering Month activities are dedicated to celebrating the advancement and achievement of women in engineering and sciences at OU.

We celebrate Women's History Month in March and join the nation in commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history, specifically in STEM applications. Events will be consistent with WiE guiding pillars of outreach, service, personal and professional development. 

Women's Welcome

Women's Welcome provides you with an opportunity to get a jumpstart on forming unique connections that will facilitate your success as an engineering or science student. This program assists first year and transfer/graduate students as they transition to the study of engineering and science at OU.

WiE Wayfinders

The OU Women in Engineering Wayfinders is a student-led initiative committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for aspiring engineers. Our program focuses on helping new students settle into university life, providing resources, mentorship, and a network of like-minded peers. We believe that representation of all types of people in engineering leads to better solutions and innovations, and we're here to ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive..


Gallogly College of Engineering

The Gallogly College of Engineering offers a wide range of scholarships for all students, including freshmen, transfer students, and students who are currently enrolled. The scholarship requirements vary from merit based to financial need.

Contact Us

Dominique Pittenger, Ph.D.

Dominique Pittenger, Ph.D.

Director, Women in Engineering Program

Office: REPF 242

Dominique received her Ph.D. from the OU Gallogly College of Engineering in General Engineering in 2012 with a focus on Civil Engineering and Construction. Her industry experience (~12 years) and academic experience include heavy civil project delivery, material design, cost framework development and process improvement.

Dominique also served as the technical director for the Southern Plains Transportation Center located on OU's research campus. She has served on various committees and provides research services for programs within the National Academy of Sciences/Engineering through the Transportation Research Board. She has taught classes, conducted research and mentored students in local, national and international engineering programs for the past 13 years.


Thank You to all WiE Sponsors

WiE Sponsors list: BP, Boeing, Chevron, OneOK, Shell, Halliburton, Boldt, Chevron Phillips, Chickasaw Nation Industries, GE Oil & Gas, Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating, Johnson Controls, MSCI, Peterbilt, Phillips 66, and Union Pacific.

Become a Sponsor

For corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact

We need your support of our engineering students and future leaders. We invite you to make a gift and join us in celebrating the success of our students and encouraging the next generation of OU women in engineering.

Support WiE

Affiliate Organizations

Alpha Sigma Kappa Crest
Alpha Sigma Kappa - Women in Technical Studies

Alpha Sigma Kappa is a social sorority for technical majors. We are a group of young women supporting each other through a sisterhood. We accept undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics and the Sciences. Support is essential while pursuing a degree in engineering, mathematics, or any other technical major because we all meet the same challenges.

Learn more about Alpha Sigma Kappa

Association for Women in Computing
Association for Women in Computing

The Association for Women in Computing student group works to create a community for women in technological fields at the University of Oklahoma. We teach and encourage our members to be confident in their abilities despite the social stigma surrounding women in computing.

Learn more about AWC

Society of Women Engineers
Society of Women Engineers

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) society dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and employment of women in STEM fields. Stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

Learn more about OU SWE

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The purpose of WECE is to reach out and engage women from all levels in the department from undergraduate to graduate to faculty. This group will foster a network within ECE that will serve professional, social, and academic purposes.


Learn more about WECE



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