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Women's Welcome

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Women's Welcome

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The vision of Women's Welcome is to provide first-year female engineering and science students with an opportunity to be inspired about pursuing engineering and science degrees at OU and to facilitate the formation of the unique connections that will facilitate their success as students at Gallogly College of Engineering and Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy and as future professionals. 

WW 2023 — August 15-17



Welcome, connect and inspire incoming female students in the Gallogly College of Engineering and Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy. 


Women's Welcome provides you with an opportunity to get a jumpstart on forming unique connections that will facilitate your success as an engineering or science student. This program assists female freshmen and transfer students as they transition to the study of engineering and science at OU. Students spend quality time with faculty, staff, alumnae and students from various engineering and science disciplines in both the Gallogly College of Engineering and Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering. Participants will become familiar with the campus, academic resources and opportunities to stay connected throughout the collegiate journey.

Women's Welcome participants at the closing dinner.


This event has been occurring annually for over a decade and has yielded an increasing trend in female student retention. The program has assisted participants in assimilating to campus. 



"As a freshman, Halliburton Women's Welcome was the first time I felt at home at OU. Through HWW, I was lucky enough to meet my best friend, learn about the different opportunities and organizations available to me at OU, and start to define who I wanted to be in the engineering community. But even more valuable for me, I think, was having the opportunity to serve as a group mentor for HWW last year. I never realized what an impact I could have until this program. I love OU and I am proud of my identity as a woman in engineering."

"I credit the 2018 Women's Welcome for connecting me with many of the people and organizations with which I have been involved over the last three years. HWW got me out of my shell, and has continued to push me out of my shell each subsequent year by getting me more and more involved in the program. I want to continue to make HWW a constructive and informative experience for women in engineering students at OU, and hopefully share the same sense of welcome and empowerment with those following in my footsteps."

"Loved the small groups and connecting with the engineering community. The WW program and mentors were amazing."





Details about Women's Welcome


  • Facilitate and enhance your academic journey and success· 
  • Make friends with upperclassmen/freshmen women in your same field of study
  • Learn about the various disciplines/career opportunities in engineering/science
  • Learn about opportunities to stay connected
  • Participate in engineering activities
  • Connect with university and industry personnel
  • Become acquainted with campus before classes start
  • Get connected with OU, Gallogly College of Engineering, and Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy resources


All WOMEN who:

  • have been accepted to OU and will be starting classes in Summer or Fall 2023
  • have declared a major in the Gallogly College of Engineering or Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy
  • are undecided majors considering majoring in a discipline offered by GCoE or MCEE


The program initiates Tuesday, August 15 and culminates around 3:00pm on Thursday, August 17. This program coordinates with Camp Crimson, so you can attend both! This year's program may use a hybrid model of online and in-person small group activities, consistent with CDC guidance and University policy.


Space is limited! To make preparations for all who wish to attend, please submit your online application by June 30, 2023. Confirmation of your received registration will be sent to you via e-mail.


Thanks to the event sponsor, the registration fee is only $25 (similar programs across the country charge ~$250 for participation). Accommodation can be made for any hardship.




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