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Our mission is to promote an inclusive community that fosters leadership, learning, and lifelong success to enhance the holistic experience for our students.

New Engineers Welcome


With over 60 engineering student organizations, including engineering competition teams, and over 4,000 engineering students, the Gallogly College of Engineering leadership, faculty, and staff works to support our students and their organizations throughout the year by providing leadership and learning experiences that promote an inclusive, creative, and diverse community.  We achieve these goals with the following programs:

  • Engineering Student Life – Engineering Student Life supports our student organizations by working with students and advisors with event planning, budgets, publicity, travel, licensing, room reservations, and other operational challenges that might occur within a student organization.
  • Dean’s Leadership Council – By partnering with the Gallogly College of Engineering and the University of Oklahoma, The Council members are engineering students with excellent academic credentials, leadership and communication skills. They serve as mentors to freshman and transfer engineering students, tutors for courses in engineering curricula, and student recruiters for prospective students interested in engineering. DLC members are selected through an application process.
  • Jerry Holmes Leadership Program - The Jerry Holmes Leadership Program for Engineers and Scientists provides leadership education for students in the Gallogly College of Engineering and the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy.  Students enrolled in the program work with professional mentors to design a personal leadership development plan. They attend monthly topical meetings and other events where they hone their leadership skills, and they create real impact as leaders within the university and surrounding communities.
  • Women in Engineering – As part of the Gallogly College of Engineering’s strategic plan, we expanded our efforts to inspire and foster the advancement and achievement of women in engineering and sciences.  To facilitate this goal, we launched a full-scale Women in Engineering program.  This exciting new chance to support, engage, and educate our students includes a wide-variety of opportunities such as mentorship, scholarships, K-12 outreach, retention and professional development programs.
  • International and Global Opportunities – The Gallogly College of Engineering partners with the College of International Studies to provide our students transformational, collaborative international opportunities that can inspire and educate engineering students to become competent, compassionate, and ethically-minded global citizens and leaders.  We offer study abroad trips throughout the year at Puebla, Italy, and France.