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Student Organization Guide

The Gallogly College of Engineering has more than 50 student organizations that focus on offering social, educational and professional events to help students develop professionally and as leaders. Below are resources and forms to help you succeed.

Registering with OU Student Affairs

All student organizations at the University of Oklahoma are required to register with the Student Government Association (SGA) in order to become or remain eligible for the SGA primary funding process. New organizations may register at any time during the academic year if funding is not of consideration.


Update your student organization.

Registering with OU Gallogly College of Engineering

This form is MANDATORY for all organizations housed within the Gallogly College of Engineering, and will serve as the gateway to receive any funding from the Gallogly College, as well as providing a way to streamline updated contact information for all organizations to receive important information throughout the year. Please complete this form as soon as new leadership is elected/appointed.


Requirements to Register a Student Organization

  1. You will need at least ten enrolled student members
  2. Student leaders need to be in good academic standing with their college during their appointment or election
  3. You will need a faculty and/or staff advisor who is employed full time at the University of Oklahoma
  4. Complete the online application packet
  5. Have a current constitution meeting all of the necessary SGA requirements

Registered student organizations can receive funding internally through the Gallogly College of Engineering and SGA or externally through alumni, generous donors, and our corporate partners.  The University of Oklahoma and/or Gallogly College of Engineering can assist with this process through fundraising events such as OU Giving Day or Thousands Strong, but we can also assist organizations in reaching out to companies and donors in a respectful and professional way.  Our guide has a separate page on how to apply for internal funding through GCoE and SGA as well as how to reach out externally and learn about what resources are available to your organization.

Click here for more information about internal and external fundraising options.


Registered student organizations can publicize events and themselves throughout the university.  Our organizations have a variety of avenues to advertise this information.  By working with SGA, the college, and various departments, student organizations can advertise in the following ways:

  • Flyers
  • Chalking
  • Tree Banners
  • Newsletter
  • OrgSync
  • Engineering Event Calendar
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Involvement Fair
  • Websites
  • Handouts
  • Word of Mouth

Click here for more information about how to publicize your next event.

Throughout the year, engineering students travel to conferences, competitions, and other events.  In order to ensure compliance with University policies, Engineering Student Life has created the following resources to help students navigate policy and be ready to travel with minimal challenge.

Below is a general guideline to the travel process.

  1. Plan the basics of your trip
    •  Who is going?  Where are you going?  When are you going?  Why are you going?  What will you be doing?  How will you get there?
    • Determine if your advisor will be traveling with your group and who your campus emergency contact will be.
  2. Define all costs and create a budget
    • Meet with your advisor and your financial associate to discuss all financial aspects of your trip including payment, reservations, and deposits.
  3. Setup/Research Reservations
    • Determine the best travel method and explore options.
    • Determine the best lodging options for your needs.
  4. Register for travel
    • To register for travel, you will need to fill out a form.  This form can be found online here.
  5. Submit travel details
    • Once travel is registered, your advisor and the officer responsible for travel will will recieve an email with a blank template for travel details and a link for where to turn it in.  Travel details include participant contanct information, hotel room assignments, and vehicle assignments (if participants are driving vehicles).  Travel details can be submitted at this form here.
  6. Submit all travel documents
    • All participants must fill out a Waiver and Release of Liability, a Medical Insurance Form, a Talent Release, agree to the GCoE Travel Guidelines and Sponsored Student Travel Policy, and provide additional information if driving or providing a personal vehicle for travel.  All of these forms are digital and available once your travel registration has been approved.
    • Organization advisor or organization leadership must submit a Travel Sheet and Travel Itinerary.
    • Organization advisor or organization leadership must submit the SGA OrgSync Travel form.  This form can be found here.

Click here for more information about travel procedures and forms.

The University of Oklahoma trademarks several images, words, fonts, and colors in order to protect its brand.  Student organizations can request permission to use these trademarked images and words by working with approved licensees and getting their design approved by Student Life and OU Trademark Licensing.


To obtain licensing approval, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose a current OU licensee to produce your product
  2. Design your product with the help of the OU licensee.  Please be aware that your organization's classification will determine which OU trademarks you are able to use.  Please refer to the RSO policy to know which trademarks are available to use.
  3. Complete the Student Organization Licensing Form on OrgSync:
  4. Allow up to one week for the Office of Trademark Licensing to respond to your request.

Student organizations can reserve several spaces throughout the university.  Space is available at the Gallogly College of Engineering, the Oklahoma Memorial Union, and other buildings throughout the University of Oklahoma.  Below you can find information on how to reserve space for your meetings and events.

Gallogly College of Engineering Rooms

Students can reserve rooms through the engineering quad by filling out the room reservation form.  Once submitted, your request will be sent to the appropriate person who controls the room you selected.  At this point, you will need to allow one business day (8am-5pm, mon-fri) for a response.  For additional information about each room available in the engineering quad, please visit our Room Reservation website.

To reserve a room, please fill out the form given at the link below.

GCoE Room Reservation Request Form

To reserve a team room, forum room, atrium, terrace, or conference room in Devon Energy Hall, you will need to go to the Devon Main Offices in DEH 150 and fill out a paper form.  These papers are collected and processed by the CS/ECE staff who will contact you once your request is completed.

The fourth floor of Felgar Hall, better known as Willoughby Lounge, is controlled and reserved through Engineers' Club's Lounge Managers.  These officers change year to year so please contact the E-Club advisor (listed below) or leadership to reserve the space.

Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy Rooms

The Mewbournce College of Earth and Energy controls a team room (SEC 1410), a conference room (SEC P350), and two classrooms (SEC P340 and 1446) which are available for reservation.  Please email or call the respective contact for the room you wish to reserve.

Reserving Classrooms

Nearly all classrooms throughout the University of Oklahoma are maintained and reserved through Classroom Management.  There are a few exceptions throughout the Gallogly College of Engineering and the Mewbourne College of Earth Energy.  These rooms are:

  • Gallogly Hall 127
  • Felgar Hall 300
  • Carson Energy Center 205/206
  • Sarkeys Energy Center P-340
  • Sarkeys Energy Center 1446
  • Devon Energy Hall 120/130/270
    • Only on Fridays after 1:30pm and weekends during the Spring/Fall semester and anytime during the Summer semester.

Please contact the appropriate room contact to reserve that space.  However, if you need a different classroom, you will need to contact Classroom Management.  Faculty and staff can contact Classroom Management directly, but student organizations can reserve one by filling out the form listed below.  Please allow a few days for their office to contact you regarding your request.

OrgSync Student Life

Oklahoma Memorial Union Rooms

The Oklahoma Memorial Union has several large and small spaces available for reservation throughout the year.  To reserve one, you will need to go to their reservation website.  More information on their rooms can be found at the Union's main website here.

Oklahoma Memorial Union Reservations

REPF 200/261/230REPF Front Deskrepfrooms@ou.edu325-3164REPF Lobby
Carson 100/101 and Gallogly 126Dean's Office
carsonrooms@ou.edu325-2621CEC 107
Gallogly 127, Felgar 300, and Carson 205/206Amber Williamsawilliams@ou.edu325-2621CEC 107
Devon Team Rooms, Forum Rooms, Terracem and AtriumDevon Main Office 325-4042DEH 150
Sarkeys T-310/T-324/T-332Madena McGinnismmcginnis@ou.edu325-4393SEC T-301
Carson 333Laura Swanlauraswan@ou.edu325-2344CEC 334
Gallogly 323Cherie Hudsoncheriehudson@ou.edu325-0789GLG 101
Sarkeys P340/P350 & East and West Atrium
Donna Adedonna.ade@ou.edu325-5042SEC
Sarkeys 1410Haley Pearsonhpearson@ou.edu325-1353SEC
Sarkeys 1446Ashley Tulliustullius@ou.edu325-0360SEC
Willoughby LoungeDalton Brasingtondbrasington@ou.edu325-40054th Floor of Felgar Hall
Other ClassroomsClassroom Managementclassroom-management@ou.edu325-4415Buchanan Hall 233
Oklahoma Memorial UnionCindy Smithcsmith@ou.edu325-2525OMU 428
Room Reservation Webmaster and Form AdministratorJeff Biggerstaffjglidus@ou.edu325-4724CEC 107

Useful Documents

Deposit Form: Click HERE

Reimbursement Form: Click HERE

Financial Event Planning Checklist: Click HERE

Purchase Spreadsheet: Click HERE