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About ECE-Tulsa

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About TCOM

There is a worldwide need for leaders who can apply advancements in computer and networking technology to the business of telecommunications.

Specifically, there are business leaders, trained in computational processes that have need for deeper knowledge of the technology of telecommunications and networking in order to make technically driven decisions. Similarly, there are engineers trained in the technology of communications who require a broader perspective in business parameters which affect new product and product life decisions. The Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering develops on the synergy of these needs with a leadership program for the State of Oklahoma.

OU-TCOM has an excellent program especially for those looking out for research in the field of telecommunication. The Information Telecommunications Education and Research Association (ITERA) selected the University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Telecommunications Engineering program for its annual Graduate Program Excellence Award in 2011. The honor recognizes an ITERA member program for a variety of criteria, including a body of work over a time period, a unique program element, an unusual accomplishment or the program as a whole.

The program is structured such that it covers the core aspects of telecommunication from Wireless communications, Optical system and networks to Network Design and Management. Advanced course work like Computer and Communication Security includes recent technological advances in the field of quantum cryptography. In addition to the course work, there are four fully equipped Labs available for students for practical implementation of their knowledge.

The faculty and staff are very helpful. The Open Door culture makes life so much easier at OU-TCOM