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Student Resources

Deadlines for Graduation

Deadlines for the various steps that must be executed prior to graduation are available at:

Forms for the Master’s degree are available at:

Actions Prior to Defense

  • Complete the forms by the deadline indicated above.
  • Admission to Candidacy Form - submit before enrolling in project proposal or thesis hours
  • Program of Graduate Work (page 1 of candidacy form) - submit with Candidacy Form
  • Master’s Thesis Topic and Committee Membership Form (Thesis students only)-submit with Candidacy Form
  • Application for Graduation Form - submit at begining of final semester
  • Request for Authority for Thesis Defense Form (Thesis students only) - submit during final semester
  • Confirm that department has received Authority Form 7 days before defense



  1. Once thesis hours begin, enroll every semester in at least 2 thesis hours.
  2. Assistant requests Authority Report Form from enrollment 10 working days before defense (Project students only).
  3. The comprehensive exam is not applicable to TCOM students.