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WECAD Faculty member with grad student in lab

Electromagnetic compliance is often a lengthy expensive process. To this end, the Wireless and Electromagnetic Compliance and Design Center (WECAD) offers customers a wide range of testing with relatively low costs. The lab runs pre-scan testing at an economical fixed rate created as a cost-effective means of identifying electromagnetic compliance (EMC) problems.  Radiated emissions, conducted emissions and radiated immunity are just a few examples of automated tests run in a 6.6m x 4m x 3m anechoic chamber consisting of fully lined RF absorbing ferrite tiles, a floor mounted turn-table, conductive plane, antenna mount, and several video cameras for observation. The WECAD center offers a diverse range of operating frequencies and analysis equipment available for customer use.

The lab provides a user friendly laptop based interface that utilizes TILE software to interact with everything inside and outside of the chamber (turntable, cameras, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, etc.). Testing schemes/parameters can easily be altered within the software to accommodate changes as needed. The final results of the test procedures are presented in a report summary available electronically and in a hard-copy, consisting of easy-to-read graphs, test procedures, test equipment, with raw data available upon request.

Troubleshooting the design, if compliance problems are encountered during testing, is another service offered to customers; including debugging and assistance with shielding, filtering and grounding techniques. Confidentiality and security for customer materials and prototype components are ensured. There is ample storage space for modules located in the adjacent office of the testing facility. We encourage you to visit the lab, if you have not done so already, as to allow yourself further familiarization with the lab's capabilities, facilities, equipment and personnel.

Technical specifications of the chamber and related equipment are in a separate document.

Dr. Hazem Refai, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering, directs the activities of the Wireless and Electromagnetic Compatibility and Design Center.