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Big Data Analytics

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Big Data Analytics

Lead: Cheng

Members: Imran, Runolfsson, Refai

A virtually unlimited amount of free data is now available. By manipulating data with inexpensive computational resources, we can mitigate anticipated problems and create products previously unimaginable (e.g., self-driving cars, human-like chatbots, near-perfect machine translation systems, even curing cancer). In the very near future, it will be possible for a wireless system to have a capacity 1000x or more than that of existing systems by merely leveraging user behavior information.

Students graduating from the Big Data Analytics Concentration Area will be well versed in four key aspects of big data: collection, storage, organization, and processing. Moreover, students will be exposed to state-of-the-art machine learning tools (e.g., the deep learning paradigm) to solve future big data challenges. Faculty-led research at OU TCOM centers on the following:

  • Advanced machine learning algorithms for leveraging the full potential of big data
  • Hardware and software parallel architectures for efficiently manipulating big data
  • Theoretical limits behind data (e.g., what can and cannot be achieved through big data analysis)