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Next Generation Networks

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Next Generation Network

Lead: Imran

Members: Refai, Chan

Next Generation Network research at TCOM OU is fueled by an ambitious mission: making wireless connectivity as affordable, seamless, and omnipresent as oxygen. The hub for this research is the BSON Lab (i.e., Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Self Organizing Network Laboratory). The research team working in the BSON Lab focuses on applied research for developing pragmatic solutions and making future wireless networks more intelligent, self-organizing, low cost, and globally ubiquitous. The team designs and builds networks for improved human-to-human (H2H), human-to-machine (H2M), machine-to-machine (M2M), device-to-device (D2D) and Internet of things (IoT) connectivity. We are currently focused on the following three research thrusts:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Self Organizing Networks for 5G and beyond
  2. Big Data analytics for exploiting wireless networks and leveraging social and non-social data
  3. Unconventional deployment architectures (e.g., aerial, terrestrial) for making connectivity globally affordable and ubiquitous for H2H, H2M, D2D and IoT. Our research tackles real world problems faced by the wireless industry. This work is supported by a number of major stakeholders. For additional details, please visit : or