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Community Needs Network

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Welcome to the Norman Community Needs Network

Vision:  We are a group of educators, researchers, policymakers, planners, funders, service providers, and community partners collaborating to identify the needs and assets in our area to find solutions and opportunities that will help strengthen our community, including meeting the needs of underserved populations.

June  28, 2019 10am United Way Norman

July 26, 2019 1:30pm United Way Norman

August 23, 2019 10:30am United Way Norman

Goals: finalize vision statement, begin survey construction

September 27, 2019 10:30am United Way Norman

Goals: finalize survey, develop workplan/flow

October 25, 2019

Goals:review suvey, develop implementation plan, write and distribute press release

Dec 6, 2019

Goals: review survey outcome, plan for Phase 2: analysis and collaboration development.  Celebrate Phase 1!

doc CNN Survey Draft (.doc)
CNN Survey Draft

Fall 2019 Press Release

United Way of Norman
2424 Springer Dr., Ste. 304
Norman, OK 73069


Area Organizations Partner to Assess Needs of Community

(Norman, November 5, 2019) – The Community Needs Network is conducting research in our community to better understand the hopes and needs of our community as a whole and the individuals who call Norman and southern Cleveland County home. 

The Community Needs Network is comprised of educators, researchers, policymakers, planners, funders, service providers and community partners. These individuals and groups have joined in collaboration to identify the needs and assets in our area to find solutions and opportunities that will help strengthen our community. 

The Community Needs Network will be partnered with community organizations to administer brief surveys to collect data over the next couple of months. These surveys will assess the effectiveness of already available resources and help improve the resources individuals feel are lacking. 

This survey will be administered in both electronic and paper copies to maximize the demographics reached in our area. This is an opportunity for community members to have their voice heard and the Community Needs Network urges individuals to take part in this important assessment. 

Below are the names of the Community Needs Network members and the community organization they represent.

Volunteer Name

Employer Name

Bays, Ms. Melody

Cleveland County Offices

Brady, Dr. Shane

University Of Oklahoma

Capps, Ms. Teresa

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Capshaw, Mrs. Jeanette S.

Moore Norman Technology Center

Castleberry, Mrs. Robyn A.

Moore Norman Technology Center

Clark, Mrs. Breea D.

University Of Oklahoma

Collado, Mrs. Teresa C.

The Virtue Center

Dembowski, Mr. Jed

OU / Tulsa Campus

Douglas, Ms. Tara

Cleveland County

Dunnells, Mr. Zach

Community Volunteer

Foster, Mr. Kevin W.

City Of Norman

Gautier, Ms. Adrienne

Community Volunteer

Gavaghan, Ms. Erinn F.

Norman Arts Council

Gibson, Sheriff Todd

Cleveland County Offices

Hardrick, Mr. Sean

University of Oklahoma student

Hartley, Ms. Diana G.

University Of Oklahoma

Holder, Mrs. Kathy

United Way Of Norman, Inc.

Irungu, Jane

University Of Oklahoma

Jackson, Mr. Ricky L.

City Of Norman

Jaffery, Mr. Ali

City Of Norman

Johnston, Ms. Beatrice

Salvation Army

King, Ms. Sara

Cleveland County Health Department

Korhonen, Ms. Marilyn L.

University Of Oklahoma

Krieg, Ms. Lisa D.

Lost Moose, LLC

Lander, Teara

University Of Oklahoma

Lewis, Mr. Thomas

Congressman Tom Cole

Martin, Mr. Scott Charles

Norman Chamber Of Commerce

McClure, Mandy

Republic Bank and Trust

McGinnis, Ms. Stephanie A.

Norman Regional Health System

Migliorino, Dr. Nick

Norman Public Schools

Millar, Ms. Erica

Norman Chamber Of Commerce

Milner, Mr. Justin

Norman Public Schools

Murphree, Mrs. Diane D.

United Way Of Norman, Inc.

Odom, Ms. Chloe Shi

Chickasaw Nation Industries

Paiva, Mr. Derek B.

Oklahoma City Designated Funds

Paslay Jr., Mr. Joe

Cleveland County Family 'Y' YMCA

Pendley, Dr. Joy L.

University Of Oklahoma

Price, Ms. Paula M.

Norman Regional Health System

Quirk, Rev. Glenn

Timbercreek Fellowship Church

Raney, Ms. Sara M.

Norman Regional Health System

Richardson-Martin, Ms. Cylinda

Pioneer Library System

Roesler, Mrs. Stephanie

Crimson Electrical Services

Sharp, Mrs. Pamela S.

City Of Norman

Smith, Ms. Eva M.

OU Health Sciences Center-OKCD

Stacy, Mr. Darry D.

Cleveland County Offices

Swatek, Mrs. Wendy

Crossroads Youth & Family Services, Inc.

Switzer, Mrs. Kira

Switzer Consulting LLC

Tedder-Loffland, Mrs. Tory

OEC Foundation, Inc.

Truesdell, Mrs. Patricia A.

Republic Bank and Trust

Turner, Ms. Erin

Cleveland County Health Department

Washington, Mr. Michael

University of Oklahoma student

Wells, Ms. Kelly

Norman Regional Health System

Wilson, Mr. Daren

United Way Of Norman, Inc.

The Community Needs Network is a group of community organizations and leaders dedicated to assessing the needs of the individuals in the Norman and southern Cleveland county area.

Below are community assessments that have been conducted in the last 10 years.  If you have access to survey results or assessments and would like to share, please send to Daren Wilson.


pdf Plan Norman (.pdf)
Plan Norman Public Design 2018

Cleveland County Health Department and Norman Regional Health System

Cleveland County Health Department and Norman Regional Health System


OKC Community Foundation Comprehensive Needs Assessment


Norman calls to Heartline in 2019

Heartline's mission: To connect Oklahomans to help, hope and information, 24 hours a day.


The following resources relate to asset-based community development (ABCD), a strengths-based approach to community development that emphasizes identifying and leveraging existing strengths and resources within a community to help address the needs and challenges prioritized by community members.