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Community Engagement Workshops

Service-learning Course Designation

Do you teach a community engaged course?  Do you plan to develop a new course with a service-learning component?  Would you like to officially designate your courses as service-learning? (Official designation means students will see SERV in enrollment and on their transcripts.)

Fall 2020 syllabi are due February 21, 2020.  

SL Designation Workshops

January 6,  2 pm

January 23, 12 pm

Center for Faculty Excellence, Old Science Hall 103

For more information about the process see Community Engagement in the Center for Faculty Excellence.

If you cannot make the workshop, we are happy to set up a time to meet and discuss your course. Email:

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Spring 2020 Lessons Learned and Community Partner Day

February: Community Needs Network (CNN):  Strength based community survey in Norman. Community partners and faculty from the CNN project will share about their experience in collaborating on a city-wide needs assessment.

March 5, 2020 Community Partner Day on campus

              Faculty and Students invited to share previous community engaged work and network with 40+ community partners from across Oklahoma

 April: Broader Impacts: conceptualizing and assessing our work in community.  Faculty with experience in developing, implementing and analyzing broader impacts for NIH and NSF grants will share their work.