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Fee Descriptions

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  • Student Facility Fee: This fee supports the costs of student facilities including, for example, increased maintenance, staffing, and operational expenses for the Huston Huffman Student Recreation Center expansion and the Oklahoma Memorial Student Union.
  • Student Activity Fee: This fee supports student organizations and services, counseling and testing, student media, career services, campus facilities, and transportation services.
  • Library Excellence Fee: This fee supports library-staffing, acquisitions of books and documents, subscriptions to scholarly journals and traditional as well as electronic access to books and journals. This fee will ensure that the library services will continue to increase without cutting access to electronic journals, acquisitions, hours of operation and other services.
  • College Technology Services Fee: This fee supports the enhancement of instructional technology in each college. This includes student computing labs, classroom technology, and technical support for students.
  • Academic Excellence Fee: This fee supports the costs to recruit and retain excellent faculty, plus their scientific and academic research including laboratories, classroom renovations, equipment, publishing costs and research assistants.
  • Academic Facility and Life Safety Fee: This fee supports maintenance of existing classrooms, as well as renovation and construction of additional academic facilities (such as business, journalism, and fine arts) necessary to ensure quality classroom settings. A major portion of this fee will also be used for resident hall improvements to ensure that campus housing meets the latest standards for fire and personal safety.
  • Security Services Fee: This fee supports the costs of student related security services on campus. These services include improving campus lighting, providing emergency phones, and enhancing police and security services. This will enable OU to continue creating secure environments for students on our campus.
  • Transit Fee: This fee supports the costs of maintaining and operating campus transit services. It will eliminate student fares, increase frequency of stops on all major routes, and will allow restoration of routes to areas such as apartments and South Greek.
  • Special Event Fee: This fee supports the costs of special events, including visits by renowned speakers and lecturers from many fields as well as programs such as the annual foreign policy conference.
  • Student Assessment Fee: This fee supports the university-wide assessment program, which provides an annual assessment of the university's academic and support programs. This program is required for the accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is mandated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.
  • Connectivity Fee: This fee supports the operation and maintenance of the university educational computer network services. Services include student help desk operation, lab and curriculum software licenses, lab printing services, off-campus access to on-line student services and course information, Sooner Information Network, computer security services, and email.

Mandatory enrollment fees are charges that fund the operation, maintenance and development of the University infrastructure. These fees are designed to benefit students at the University level, not individual level.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have authorized the following mandatory enrollment fees.


  • Health & Wellness Center Fee: This fee supports access to the services at Goddard Health Center.
  • Academic Advising Fee: This fee supports the academic advising services provided to students in all of the colleges. It will provide electronic access to advising and degree audit systems, and additional professional and peer advisors for students. Funds generated by this fee will also allow for new program initiatives and strategies aimed to increase the student graduation rate.
  • Academic Records Service Fee: This fee supports the costs of no-charge transcripts, diplomas, class schedule changes, commencement activities, and other academic records services for the life of each student.
  • International Student Maintenance Fee: This fee supports the administrative services rendered by the University of Oklahoma. Services include processing, maintaining, and storing certificates of eligibility, work permits, practical training permits, transfer forms, Visa extensions and expirations, and other immigration papers for international students.
  • Cultural and Recreation Service Fee: This fee supports recreational improvements, equipment and intramural sports.