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Undergraduate Program

The Department of International and Area Studies in the College of International Studies offers an undergraduate program with seven majors and eight minors.

The curriculum for the CIS undergraduate program is both international and interdisciplinary. CIS students choose from a variety of classes that are offered through the departments of:

Anthropology, Art, Communication, Economics, English, Film and Video Studies, Geography, History, History of Science, International and Area Studies, Music Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology.

As an integral part of the undergraduate program, CIS students also choose a foreign language relevant to their area of concentration and develop communication skills in this language through classes offered by the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics.

Finally, CIS students are required to spend at least one academic term, preferably a year, working abroad or studying at an international university of their choice with the approval of CIS.

Graduate Program

The Master of Arts degree in International Studies equips students with the tools to engage in a globally integrated environment, whether in the realm of international diplomacy, international security, the international economy,  humanitarian aid and economic development assistance, or international advocacy. Program coursework provides a rigorous foundation in international and comparative politics, world history, international economics, and analytic and statistical methods. Students in the program also have the flexibility to focus their coursework through either the Global Studies option, which includes specializations in global economics and development and global security studies; or the Area Studies option, which includes regional specializations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East.

Accelerated BA/MA

The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in International Studies is an accelerated program designed for exceptional students to earn both the BA and MA in International Studies in 5 years of study.  National Merit Scholars are the ideal candidates for a 5-year accelerated BA/MA program, although the program is open to all OU students who qualify.

Graduate Certificates

A graduate certificate represents completion of a set of courses that provides mastery of a specific area of knowledge. A graduate certificate indicates an advanced, focused inquiry into a defined area of study and is recorded on the student’s transcript. For a degree student, a graduate certificate may indicate an area of specialization; for a professional, a graduate certificate may provide evidence of special expertise.

Master of Arts in International Relations

The Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) provides a broad understanding of world affairs from a variety of perspectives: political, economic, social, historical, geographic and philosophical. The program is directed by the University of Oklahoma’s College of International Studies in coordination with the University of Oklahoma’s Advanced Programs, which was established in 1964 as part of the University’s commitment to continuing education and public service. The MAIR offers the adult learner the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at locations on or near military installations around the world.

Arabic Flagship Program

The OU Arabic Language Flagship Partner Program is an undergraduate program designed for learners of Arabic who seek to achieve superior language proficiency while pursuing desires in the academic majors of their choice.  The Program offers an innovative five-year curriculum in Arabic language and culture designed to produce graduates with dual strengths in Arabic language proficiency an their chosen career fields.

Washington & The World

The Washington and the World (WatW) Spring Break Experience is an opportunity for IAS students to travel to the nation’s capitol to study how the United States connects with the rest of the world. Led by Dean Suzette Grillot and Dr. Rebecca Cruise, students will explore political, non-governmental, inter-governmental and media sectors by meeting with officials representing various organizations, outlets and political entities. The trip truly provides something for everyone. For those wondering what career field to pursue upon graduation, the WatW experience allows you to see what working for NGOs or for government might entail. For those hoping to make connections for future internships with news outlets or government agencies, the trip is a great way to network with a diverse and well-connected group of people. And for those just wanting to learn more about how the United States conducts international relations, you will most certainly gain a deeper perspective on global issues and the intricacies of maneuvering the international arena. The trip is also an excellent opportunity to connect with OU Alumni living in DC and to meet with members of the CIS Board of Visitors.

Although this is being offered as an experience, students wishing to earn academic credit may enroll in an Independent Study course. This will require additional reading and writing assignments before and after the Spring Break trip. You will need to speak with your academic advisor to register for this option.

The CIS LEAdership Fellows (LEAF) Program

The CIS International Leadership Program provides an elite group of students with the contacts, skills, and financial means to engage in hands-on involvement with people, organizations, and activities at the international level. Participating in this leadership program, students are engaged in leadership education, hard skill development and networking practices. The goal is to create alumni who possess the cultural awareness, skills, and knowledge to become international leaders.

Participants in the CIS International Leadership Program receive a $2,000 stipend toward an approved internationally focused internship, which serves as the culmination of the program experience.

Fellowship for Global Engagement

Coordinated by the College of International Studies, the Fellowship for Global Engagement program will ensure that students have the tools necessary to succeed in the global community.

Global Engagement Fellows receive a $5,000 cash scholarship account which can be used during their undergraduate education for up to three international experiences (at least one short-term [summer] and one long-term [semester]). All Fellows will be encouraged to take their first travel study experience during the summer after their freshman year.