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    The W.R. Howell Sr. Second Century Lecture Series

    The W.R. Howell Sr. Second Century Lecture Series occurs every other year and emphasizes outstanding scholars and leaders in international relations. The honorary lecturer gives multiple talks at OU and spends ample time interacting with students. The lecture series is made possible by OU alumnus, W.R. Howell, in memory of his father.


    2013-2014 Lecture:  February 2014
    David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times

    2012-2013 Lecture: April 2013
    Mario Waissbluth, Founder of Educación 2020

    2010-2011 Lecture: March 2011
    Joel Rosenthal, President of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

    2009-2010 Lecture: March, 2010
    David Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times

    2006-2007 Lecture: November 2006
    Ambassador James R. Lilley, former ambassador to the People's Republic of China

    2003-2004 Lecture: September 2003
    Dr. Munther J. Haddadin, former Jordanian Minister of Water and Irrigation

    2000-2001 Lecture: November 2000
    Dr. Glenn C. Loury, Founding Director of the Institute on Race and Social Division, Boston University

    1998-1999 Lecture: September 1998
    Dr. Michel Oksenberg, Senior Fellow at the Asia/Pacific Research Center at Stanford University

    1994-1995 Lecture: March 1995
    Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Former Secretary of State 1992

    1992-1993 Lecture: November 1992
    Dr. Carl Djerassi, 1992 Priestley Medal In Chemistry

    October 1991 — Inaugural Lecturer:
    Dr. James M. Buchanan, 1986 Noble Prize Laureate