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Arabic Flagship Program

The University of Oklahoma Arabic Language Flagship Partner Program is a merit-based undergraduate program designed for learners of Arabic who seek to achieve superior language proficiency while pursuing degrees in the academic majors of their choice. The program offers an innovative five-year curriculum in Arabic language and culture designed to produce graduates with dual strengths in Arabic language proficiency and their chosen career fields.

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Core Language courses & content-based courses taught in the target language

During the five-year program, students take three years of core courses in Arabic language as well as content-based courses taught exclusively in Arabic. “Arabic Media and Politics,” “Arabic Culture and Society Through Modern Fiction,” “Arabic Culture Through Film,” “Genres in Modern Arabic Literature” and “Readings in Islamic Religious Texts” are among the content-based courses that will be offered. To advance students’ language skills, delivery and instruction rely on:

  • Class discussion and debate
  • Individual and group projects
  • Oral presentations
  • Writing assignments
  • Individualized writing tutorials

Extracurricular Opportunities

To bolster classroom learning and to provide students with opportunities to use Arabic outside of the class- room, OU offers extracurricular activities on campus, including:

  • A wide variety of cultural clubs
  • Weekly roundtable meetings with engaging discussions and guest speakers
  • Tutoring available daily
  • One-on-one language partnerships
  • Access to language learning center and the AFP library

Scholarship opportunities to study abroad

Students are eligible to apply for three scholarships to join one stateside immersion program and two study-abroad programs in the Arab world. After completing their second year of Arabic at OU, students are eligible to apply for a 10-week summer program. After completing their fourth year at OU, students are eligible to apply for a year-long program.

Prospective students and eligibility requirements

Prospective students are strong academic achievers pursuing different majors, such as Arabic, business, engineering, history, health sciences, international and area studies, journalism, political science, pre-law and pre-med, among a variety of other majors.

  • Qualified students must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Full-time OU student who finished at least one semester of Arabic
  • Commitment to complete the entire Arabic Flagship program and achieve superior-level Arabic
  • Arabic is a long-term career goal
  • GPA of 3.25 or higher U.S. citizenship or permanent residency